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Derrown's Log


Hey everyone

I have been lurking for a while here and decided that it was a good time to make a account and start posting. The reason it is a good time is because I currently have a torn MCL and therefore unable to work so I got lots of free time. The doctor gave me the okay to go back to the gym. So this afternoon I went back to the gym and had my first workout in almost a month and damn it felt great.

Here is a little bit about me, I am 21 years old have been training since I was 17. I feel like I should be more developed sometimes but I seem to injure myself lots or get really busy in school. Speaking of school I am doing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and while I am in school I focus on the books first and the gym is a distant second. I also used to play rugby at local rugby club but am not sure if I am going to play again next year. Last year I suffered a major injury while playing and had to get a pretty intense surgery. I just can not rally risk another injury as it will interfere with my practicum hours for school.

Ill start this log off with my current stats

Weight: 221 lbs
Height: 6,3
Body Fat %: Honestly could not tell ya, probably around 15%, I can sort of see my top two abs but still have veins popping out of my arms.

Max Lifts! (not that they really matter with a torn MCL)

Bench: 285 lbs
Squat: 365 lbs
Deadlift: 495 lbs
Standing Military Press: 185 lbs

(I know my squat should be a bit closer to my dead lift but it is hard one for me. Once my leg is healed I am going to put a bit more focus on getting that squat up)

My Goals

I want to get my squat up to 405 but that is going to take a while as I am going to have to go through physio first. In the short term though I am going to focus on my upper body and core and try to lean out a bit more. I would say a good weight for me would probably be around 200lbs.

Since I have so much free time I am going to try to hit all the muscle group and in upper body twice a week and as soon at the physio says its okay get cycling again to strengthen my knee.

So it will look like this

Day 1: Chest/Biceps
Day 2: Back/Traps
Day 3: Shoulders/ Triceps
Day 4: Rest if needed or repeat.

Today's Workout

BB Bench Press:
135x15, 185x12, 205x12,205x10, 205x8

Incline BB Press
135x12, 155x10, 155x10, 155x10

Cable Flys
3 sets of 12 with the cables at 55 pounds

Machine press
I did another 3 sets of 15 with a 45 and 25 on each side.

Body weight Pushups
Three sets of twenty

My chest felt good after that I had a nice pump going on and was nicely fatigued.

I then did my biceps directly after

Seated Bicep Hammercurls
30x15, 45x12,45x12, 45x12

Machine Preacher Curls
I did three sets of ten with a 35lbs on each side.

Seated Supinated Curls
Three sets of 35x10

Concentration curls off of a preacher bench
Three more sets of 12 with a 30 pound dumbbell, I focused on the contraction with these sets.

Thanks for reading Ill try to get some pictures up as soon as possible and will post again tomorrow.