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Derrick Thomas Sack Record


Not to take anything from Osi Umenyiora's 6 sacks last night,but damn....it just reminded me of how dominant and great Derrick Thomas was.

He was hands down my favorite football player period during my teenage years...thats pretty much who I tried to "be" as a defensive end in from JV to Varsity..lol.

He was just a crazy athlete and the most feared defensive playmaker next to L.T. during the 90's...and great person off the field,too...can't believe he's not in Hall of Fame yet.

Remember Derrick Thomas.



Great player, and an even better human being. His foundation, Third and Long, helps underprivileged kids (appropriate name), and did a lot of work for the Kansas City area.

It was unfortunate he died in a car crash on a way to a playoff game, but he's in a better place now.


He was awesome. Thanks for posting the reminder.


The ironic thing about the sack record is that he nearly had one more, but Dave Kreig slipped out of his hands and threw the winning TD instead.

The Hall of Fame selection commitee needs to get thier act together and vote DT in next year.


One of my favorite players too! :frowning:


Derrick Thomas was a stud, no question about it. I'm a NY Giants fan so of course I believe that LT is the greatest OLB of all-time, but I'd put Thomas in the top-3 for sure.

His likeness is in 2K's All-Pro Football 2K8. He's tough to stop when he's on the pass rush, just like he was in real life.


Some argue that he's not in because he played for a "small market" team...was weak against the run..blah blah bullshit. The HOF commitee seems to be biased against defensive players here lately.


Great competitor and player, no doubt. Definitely Hall material. Here is some trivia for you. Before they started keeping track of sacks, there was a guy who played on the Eagles, whose nickname was "Wildman."

In going back and looking at game film, because he had such an outstanding day, they determined that he had seventeen sacks during a ballgame against the Giants. This game happened in the early sixties.


Seriously??? People seriously argue that?? Why would it matter if he played in a small market or not? (not directed to you Big_Boss, just speaking in general about potential voters) He made them that much better and himself that more respectable. That would be like saying Tony Gonzalez shouldn't be in the HOF because he played for the Chiefs as well, a "small market" team.

I don't understand the rationale sometimes. I'll agree it's harder to get into the HOF as a defensive player, but DT has all the cred he needs. Heck, he should get in just on his character alone, he was a great guy.


It confuses the hell out of me,too. Makes me question why its called the "HALL OF FAME." Ohh...and you suck....damn Sooners...lol...you ready for this weekend??


Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong!!!


You go to UT?