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Derren Brown W.T.F.


Anyone else seen this guys videos?

He is basically a master hypnotist with a very solid understanding of how the human mind works. His videos are unreal. Here is one of many videos where he basically just fucks over peoples minds and makes them do whatever it is that he wants, like hand over a 4500 dollar piece of jewelry for a stack of blank pieces of paper. LOL


lolz this kid basically gets everything stripped from him


NLP, hypnotism, cold reading, anchoring, priming, illusion, whatever, he does it all.

I like guys like him a million times better than illusionist like Cris Angel or David Copperfield. Those guys are just about magic and using cameras and props to trick people. Brown actually takes it to a psychological level that actually makes you think (or give a shit, or both).


Agreed 100%. Chris Angel is no "mind freak" like he claims. This guy is a mind freak.


he's good. i like his refreshing and somewhat intellectual take on 'magic'. i went to one of his shows in the uk about 6 years ago. check out his stuff on beliefs and frauds within the paranormal and religious circles:

i remember he did an interactive live special where he got everyone at home to do a group ouiji(sp?) board. me and my mates did it and the fucking thing moved, spelling out some dead girl's name. we fucking shat our pants. he then went onto explain the science/psychology of what happened and that there was nothing paranormal about it. great stuff.


and for all the PUAs:


Long time fan. The only problem with his stuff is that he is so impressive that it is hard for him to do anything impressive. Once you can make people do whatever you want... where do you go from there?

I find watching a lot of his stuff like watching Magneto bend spoons.


I understand how his technique works. I read of a very famous criminal who used similar strategies. Confusing people's mind and acting extremely confident and secure. If the other person feels you are totally confident in what you are saying, he will believe you are saying the truth.

I can't remember the name of this criminal, but it was quite funny. Like, he went to a hotel reception where some music band was staying. He acted like if he was on a rush "We forgot the whatever upstairs, please give me the key so I can get it fast" and then acted disappointed and surprised when the guy there asked him who he was. "The manager of (music band) of course, we forgot bla bla bla".

He got the key of course...


The video has been blocked in my country?! WTF i thought 4od was an english channel?!


What a wasted talent, considering he is gay!


I'm skeptical.

I mean there's stuff that magicians do that we know is, for lack of a better word, fake. I think even some of this is fake.
I mean there are certain things magicians and illusionists will do that we think is skill-based, like throwing knives at a rotating wheel, but even that's a trick.


Agreed. I know hypnotists can pull off some pretty impressive things in regards to persuasion, but I don't buy the "jewelry store heist" for one second. His MO seems to be to first build a rapport with his "mark" and establish comfort, then to implant a mental suggestion by linking an everyday phrase to his desired outcome. First off, someone coming into a jewelry store and saying that they'll buy a $4500, unsized ring after a few seconds of inspection is going to raise several red-flags in any halfway-competent clerk...certainly not going to help with the rapport or comfort levels. Second, counting bills is going to be a fairly routine part of his day. He's going to know the weight, texture and feel of paper money like the back of his hand - there is NO WAY he's going to accept a stack of paper as the real thing.

I could see the fish market scam being plausible, but not this.


If any of you can check out 'Hero at 30000 Feet'.

He takes an 'average Joe' on an extraordinary psychological journey which culminates with him facing a life-changing decision of whether to take control of a Boeing 737 packed with passengers, which he believes is about to fall out of the sky.

Derren conditions this guy over a number of days exposing him to different events that prepare him for this event, all the while the guy is totally oblivious to what is going on. Kind of reminded me of the movie 'The Game' with Michael Douglas. Pretty cool...


If you believe this is real, you are the one who is hypnotized.


Seen that already!



Some crazy shit indeed.

Some stuff, it's hard to see how we was allowed to do it, like hypnotising approx 6 people to rob a courier van when they heard a Jackson 5 trigger song.

He also threw a woman, in a bag, into a lake once to make her brave or something.

I like how he admits it is psychology and misdirection, but the shit still has you thinking he's magical


You're a tool :slight_smile:

Do some research into this. To a degree, all of these people are being hypnotized


thats the thing. his tagline is that his show is a mixture of psychology, showmanship, misdirection, trickery etc. its up to the viewer to decide what is bullshit and what is not. i like that approach.