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Derek Poundstone to Offer Coaching Soon

Saw this posted on facebook.

He’ll be coaching a few pros, but he says he’s also going to make himself available to coach regular athletes.

I’ve never had an online coach before, but even I think that’s a pretty awesome opportunity. Great news for the community for sure.

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Hope this doesn’t come off as fan-boyish…but…

Martins Licis has been doing this for a while.

And if you travel to CA and Training Hall, you can avail yourself of 69 years of experience!

edit to add: inclusion of # intended

Martins Licis has been offering Derek Poundstone’s coaching? I thought he was coached by Od.

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I know you’re “joking”.

My point is you make it sound like his offering to coach “regular athletes” is some sort of deity descending from Olympus to mingle with ordinary folk. I’m pointing out -no.

That was not my intent. I was summarizing the facebook post in case people skimmed it and thought he was only coaching pros.

You would love Odd.

Lindsey (about wrapping forearms with duct tape for stones): Doesn’t that hurt when you peel it off?

Odd: Who gives a SHIT if it hurts?

If Od wasn’t such a pimp for mas wrestling, I would be a huge fan, haha. Him telling me the only reason I don’t like mas in strongman comps was because I am not a real man soured our relationship a little.

But he is a legit badass.


This story does not surprise me in the least. If I ever met Odd face to face, I fully expect to be dissed in some way lol.

…you realize you are probably subliminally motivated to misspell his name to flip him off… :slight_smile:

It isn’t actually Od? Always thought it was.

I am probably combining him with O.D. Wilson.

Odd -2 Ds.

Unlike Rippetoe (another favorite lol), Odd has earned the right to be a dick to people if he wants to be. Not that he usually is, from what I can tell. Mas wrestling is his baby though, you gotta expect blowback from sorta dissing it to his face.

Not dissing at all: just said I wasn’t going to do it. I got into strongman to get away from combat sports.

However, after his reaction, NOW I diss it, haha.

[quote=“T3hPwnisher, post:11, topic:258149, full:true”

However, after his reaction, NOW I diss it, haha.

I totally get this. Same here.

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This would definitely be cool but I never really get who, outside of pros use these guys. Martins, for example, comes in at a cool $350 per month (probably more now).

If you are a pro, I get it but that is over triple my gym fees - which include group coaching.

Buddy of mine spent $500 on Magic the Gathering cards last month.

Folks are just gonna see money and hobbies certain ways.

I just spent a grand on 2 pairs of sneakers last week. The business owner in me knows it’s dumb as fuck. The sneaker head in me views it as well worth it.

Coming from a poker background where in the mid-to-late 2000s the elite-level pros were charging that much and more per hour, that doesn’t seem so terrible.

I’ve met him. He was a regular friendly dude. And he is a badass.

Guys at that level can teach you more in an hour than you’ll get in a year other ways. Especially if they are technicians. Technique has a huge impact on your performance, and that’s what you are paying for. Or, you could compete in bigger contests and get to be on friendly terms with some of them.