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Derek Poundstone Interview from Malta


Pretty good interview...



I hope Kevin is alright, he was looking pretty hurt after that squat.


I noticed Kevin Nee getting helped off the squat rack.

Much respect to that guy. He always seems to go balls to the wall. To the point of blacking out and collapsing from exhaustion.


Cool interview and cool guy. Could you imagine him sharing a patrol car with Ronnie Coleman? I agree about Kevin Nee, huge work ethic!


I am pretty sure that Derek works in a school as the resident police officer and is not on patrol.

Kevin has a tendency to over-exert himself so hopefully that was all that happened and he is not injured again.


Lol, that is putting it nicely.

Great interview by Derek, he looks LARGE. Check out this pic of his back....


I thought that was a black guy at first he is so dark.


In what?? Do they make hummers with an interceptor package???


He seems like a very nice man.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to eat a chicken or two