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Derek Poundstone- America's Strongest Man Video


I searched the site to see if it was posted before. If it has, sorry!

It is very interesting to watch.


Congrats on his win!


i'm sure it must have been mentioned before....but what a badass name!


yeh its been posted before, still awesome though


i wish i could eat with those guys.


True. If I hung out with those guys, I would probably be fifty pounds heavier. :slightly_smiling:

BTW, Poundstone is at 315 with abs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DerekPose.JPG


i live in connecticut too!!


that is a big man right there


fucking swole.


I'm curious what the difference is between the federations and why they don't compete against each other. Any strongmen care to answer this?


Give me half a decade, and it will be me you guys are linking from youtube.

No joke.


What federations? Who doesn't compete against each other?


In the video they said that Derek Poundstone did not compete in the "Worlds Strongest Man" competition on TV and that it was a different federation.


Apparently, he has switched federations now, so he does compete in the WSM. I think I read that on Wiki.


poundstone competes in WSM, He almost beat Pudz last year and took second.

As far as feds go, are you refering to WSM and IFSA.


This. He almost won too. If it hadn't been raining I think he would have won


Bear in mind that video is over 2 years old

There's no more IFSA. Honestly, the technicalities and hair-splitting are not even interesting enough to go over. suffice it to say that when ifsa was around they prohibited their guys from competing in non-ifsa contests. Now that there is no more ifsa you're just left with the usual bs of guys who deserve an invite not getting one for who-knows-what-reason


I've eaten with Andy Vincent, the guy who took third this year.

To say he eats a lot is an understatement.


Yep, the stone slipped out.


Andy trains in our gym, he's a good dude. Strong as hell too. He'll be one to watch for people that are not familiar with him.