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Derek Poundstone 750 Deadlift x 10


LMAO, your a funny guy Blue Jay,I will get you back soon, I swear to you !! j/k LOL!!!

WOW, that was awesome!, I find this video to be truly inspiring, Poundstone should reign supreme at WSM if can stay healthy throughout the events.


i hope you're not serious, but if you are... believe me, derek knows his potential... he does a lot of low rep training, he also does a lot of high rep training... when he does stuff like this, its usually him just trying to challenge himself... take a look at a lot of his videos, he has his training videos and then he has his challenge videos, like doing 11 clean and presses with a 310lb log, etc. Also, he does a lot of high rep supplemental exercises to build a higher pain threshold... the dude isn't human, he's a new breed haha... and also one of the most humble guys in the world


No, I was attempting to capture the hopefully fecetious(sp) spirit of previous posts that were stating that he needed to lose the straps, stop bouncing, etc. Apparently I missed. Also, I was giving Captain Zero shit, he caught it. :wink:


a literal 'laugh out loud.' excellent trolling my friend. im disappointed that so many people "got it" but a great try


That video was awesome. I'd love to go to his gym.

And I love how several people in this thread apparently don't understand the word joke.


I suck at trolling. Although I did like the explaining Strongman to me.

And for the record, I think this is just fucking amazing. I'm trying to think of other heavy, hi-rep stuff to compare to and I can't. I think I remember Steve Mac hitting 770x5 (I'm probably off on the numbers), but I don't remember anyone hitting 10's with these kind of weights. Sick lifting.


Dude's a freak! You know he's big b/c he makes that barbell look small.




He did the same thing at the 2008 WSM. His form was atrocious...but he still did. iirc Mariusz got 11


He trains in Waterbury, which is something like 30 minutes away from me. I might head up to his gym one day...


Are you talking about the car deadlift? They both get 10. And I think it a different lift under very different circumstances.


That is fucking SICK!!

Who's the chick that is always giving him shit on the videos? I'm assuming it's his wife/girlfriend/trainer/dominatrix, that is freaking sexy!!

He's definitely taking it this year!


he doesn't even squat that deep when he does SQUATS


Beastly, but that last rep was stupid looking. Guess he refused to call it a day at 9. What a warrior.


I guess you've never seen strongman competitions. When competing, even the "stupid looking" reps count, that's what he trains for... or is this another "he should not wear straps" [sarcastic] comment?


Nope, I'm aware straps are allowed in strong man events. It almost looked like he let the weight sit on his knees for a bit there, I can't imagine that would feel too nice.


thats unreal. the last rep he balanced 750 lbs on his knees...


As far as I know that's his wife, whenever I see his videos it always seems she is about a second away from calling him a pussy.


Yeah dude...it's called "ramping"

Have you watched WSM before?


I was waiting for him to continental clean that last one. lol. then throw it thru the roof or something.