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Derek Poundstone 750 Deadlift x 10


i tried to upload the video in here, but i'm obviously computer stupid... its on youtube... either way, he is just unreal.. definitely gonna win this year


Post a link.

I'd love to see this.


Post a link.

I'd love to see this.


yeah its rediculous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAUJcU_Mqk8


Ahh man with a thread title like that you have to have at least a link to the video. You're right though the guy is incredible.


here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAUJcU_Mqk8 absolutely nuts


the dude. is. awesome. GoGo America to win WSM for the next few years.


Now as long as he doesn't drop his stone...


woah, shivers down my back watching that. That is real training.


Holy shit.


What an animal.


He should ditch the straps.


holy fuck


Poundstone is the real deal! America---F Yeah---


his training for an event where they are allowed to use straps, in strongman dead lift type exercises aren't used to test grip strength (could be wrong though)


he should stop bouncing the weight. and hitching so bad.


he should stop rounding over and stiff legging it. (yay...this is fun!)


He should stop being so big and strong. It makes me feel inadequate about myself.


Looks like he's set to win WSM 09.


He'll never realize his potential in the deadlift if he does higher reps, he should never go over 5 reps and should really only ever do singles.