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Derailed - Setting a New Course!

Hey everyone,

I finally decided to register as a new member, however; I’ve been lurking this site for a few months trying to glean as much information as possible. I only recently discovered the powerful women forum and many of the posts here have been quite inspiring, so I decided to join in!

First a little bit about me:
I teach and practice karate - hopefully going for my 3rd degree black belt this May.
I’m also a competitive dodgeball player - not many of us around, but it is such a rush!

Though I have dabbled in weight training, this is my first year really taking it seriously. Last summer I completed p90x and really slimmed up. This year I wanted to move on to bigger, heavier things.

I had grand plans for the off-season this summer. I had a weight training program all set up to increase leg strength, agility and speed. I bought a squat rack for the basement and a shiny new barbell and was ready to squat and deadlift my way to better sports performance…

Then I partially dislocated my kneecap in my last dodgeball game of the season (the championship game at that - we still won at least) so no heavy squats or deadlifts for quite a while. Which meant that I had to completely change my training program to accommodate for rehab exercises. It looks like I am going to be doing a hell of a lot of upper body work for the next couple of months.

I still do have some of goals for the summer/fall.

  1. Rehab my knee
  2. Bench press 135lbs (body weight)
  3. 10 consecutive chin-ups

You all seem like such a knowledgeable group that I am looking forward to the feedback. I am quite new at building workouts for myself, so we’ll see where this goes. All I do know, is that I’m awesomely sore from my chest workout on Monday!

Nice to meet you all!


sucks about the knee…are you getting good PT care?

Yeah, I’ve been getting good PT care. I see my PT about once a week to check my progress and get new exercises. I was just given the green light to start riding my bike this week so hopefully I’ll be able to start reversing the quad atrophy - my right quad is now 1 inch smaller than my left. So I’ve got some work ahead of me in the upcoming months. I hoping by the end this week I’ll be able to start doing low weight partial squats.

Ahh, rehab. I can relate and commiserate.

Do you have any particular strength training program in mind?

I’ll post what I’ve been doing when I get back home and have access to my notes. Basically I’m breaking down my upper body work over 5 days of lifting. The other two days are rehab only days. On my lifting days I’m doing my rehab exercises and ab exercises as active rest between sets so I’m not in my basement for too many hours a day. As it stands I am already spending about 1.5 hours an evening rehabbing and working out.

Here’s my tennative schedual:
Monday - Chest
Tuesday - Biceps
Wednesday - Rehab only
Thursday - Triceps
Friday - Back
Saturday - Shoulders
Sunday - Rehab only

My days alternate heavy and medium from week to week. On heavy days I’m trying to do 5x5 and medium 4x10.
So this Monday I had a heavy chest day and yesterday I did a lighter biceps workout. Next week it will switch up so I’ll be ligher on the chest and heavier on the biceps etc.

Originally I was planning on two leg days a week, one upper body day, one HIIT sprinting day and one agility drill day, but shit happens I guess.

Here’s the numbers.

10min Bike
5 Min heavy bag
10 min balance drills
Bench Press: 10@75, 5@90, 5@95, 5@100, 6@105 (last rep was sketchy)
Bench Fly: 10@8, 4@15, 5@8 x 3 sets
Incline Bench: 5@75, 5@80, 5@85, 5@85, 6@90
Push-ups: 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest - 4 sets
Quad Isometrics and sitting leg lifts between sets

15 min bike
10 min balance drills
DB curls: 10@15, 10@20 x 3 sets
Preacher curl: 10@10 x 4 sets
Ez-curl: 10@20, 10@25 x 3 sets
Quad Isometrics, leg lifts and side stepping between sets

You seem pretty hardcore - welcome. Hope the rehab goes well. Most of my joints bitch and moan but shoulders and ankles are the worst - that’s what happens when you have been training for over 20 years, I guess.
What kind of balance drills do you do?

I can understand the ankle thing. I’ve rolled each of mine multiple times and they tend to nag at me when I try any sort of distance running - thankfully I’m more of a sprinter! Here’s the breakdown of my rehab work as yesterday was a rehab only day.

-10 Min bike
-3 min side stepping

Balance Drils:
-Front to back on the wobble board x 25
-Side to side on the wobble board x 25
-1 leg balance on BOSU ball while moving around an exercise ball in the air - 1 min x 4
-Something akin to a single straight leg deadlift, but I am reaching out to touch cones that are placed to the left and right of me - to fatigue

-Quad isometrics (pushing back of the knee to the ground and holding) 10 x 10 sec
-Seated leg lifts x 40
-Heel slides (laying down, straightening leg and bending it) - 5 min

Freaking dogeball man!

Sounds like you got some great training planned. Very nice!

I’ll be following along :slight_smile:

Thursday - Triceps

I got the go ahead to add light weight partial squats to my workouts - woo hoo!

10 bike stationary bike (kinda boring, but thunderstoms were rolling through so oustide was a no go)
3 Min side stepping
Skull Crushers: 6@20 x 3 sets, 5@20 x 2 sets
Partial squats 10@20 between sets of skull crushers
Tri Kickbacks: 6@20 x 2 sets, 5@20 x 3 sets
Leg lifts and deadlift-like activity between sets
One arm tricep extensions: 5@20, 4@20, 10@15, 5@20, 5@20
Wobble board and BOSU balance between sets
Chair Dips (don’t have a dip station… yet): 20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest x 4 sets - total 59 dips

I’m thinking of changing the kickbacks to something like close grip bench. Any other suggestions for some awesome freeweight triceps exersises?

you sound exciting.
your tennative schedule looks solid to me

Mel - Thanks, I try to keep things interesting or I get bored too quickly!

Last night - Back
6 Km bike
3 Min Side stepping
3 Min crossover stepping
1 min each direction tight figure 8s around cones
Incline bench supported DB rows - 10@30s x 4
Partial squats - 10@20lbs x 4 sets
One arm DB row - 10@50, 10@40 x 4 sets
Balance drills between sets
Chin-ups 5,4,4,4 (struggled for that last one!)

[quote]LastStand wrote:
Mel - Thanks, I try to keep things interesting or I get bored too quickly!

Haha, yep I feel you on that one!

Saturday - rehab only

Spent the day at the lake kayaking and hiking - beautiful day!

My evening did not go as planned unfortuantely. I spent most of the evening trying to figure out why our house had no water. Eventually the water did come back on at 10pm. I never did get through to the water company to figure out what happened. Regardless I was very thankful to get to have a shower last night.

So I switched things up a bit and took my rest day and just did the usual rehab exercises.

Hey there.

Just saying welcome. I know I’m late, I’m a bit slow on the uptake :slight_smile:

Half Tabata chair dips… crazy. Love your workouts.

Sunday - Shoulders

Bike - 7.7 km, 28 min
10 min - Sidestepping, Crossovers, Figure 8s
Military press - 10@45, 7@65, 5@75 x 3 sets
Partial squats - 10@20 x 5 sets
Front lat raises - 10@8s x 5 sets
Side lat raises - 10@8s x 5 sets
Ab work between sets of lat raises - 1 min per exercise: Crunches with punches at the top, Russian twist with medicine ball slam
Upright row - 10@20s, 5@30s, 5@30s, 4@30s, 4@30s
Balance work between sets
Rotator cuff external rotations - 5@15 x 3 sets
Stretching between sets

If I wasn’t injured, I probably would have skipped or shortened my workout last night in favour or going out powerkiting. Man was it windy! Made for a tough bike ride too. I’d much rather ride with the wind than against it, but at least it got the legs burning.

Bike - 7.7 km to the store and back to get chocolate milk for after my workout
10 min Sidestepping, crossovers, figure 8s

My knee flexibility was feeling pretty good so I grabbed the bar to do some squats - almost parallel with no pain. 10@45 x 4 sets

Bench press - 10@75 x 4 sets
1 min ab work between sets
Bench fly - 10@8s x 4 sets
Balance work between sets
Incline Bench Press - 10@45, 10@55, 10@60, 10@65
Hamstring and calf stretches between sets
Push-ups 20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest x 4 sets (60 total) + 1 set on knees.

Tuesday - Biceps

Bike - 6.8 km
10 min crossovers, side stepping, figure 8s, light hopping from foot to foot
DB curls - 5@25 x 5 sets
Balance drills between sets
Preacher curls - 5@15 x 5 sets
1 min ab work between sets (sit-ups with punches and medicine ball slam Russian twist)
EZ-curl - 5@40 x 5 sets
Squats - 10@45 x 5 sets

Plus some randon weighted chin-ups - never tried them before and my boyfriend and I were trying to fashion up some ghetto dip belts using my old karate belts. Worked quite well actually, well at least until I am able to put significant weight on. Right now 10lbs seems good!

Hi LS - I was wondering if you had to travel to learn karate at that level?

ghetto gear is always cool and waited chins badass.

ok enough ramblin

[quote]nlmain wrote:
Hi LS - I was wondering if you had to travel to learn karate at that level?

No I haven’t had to travel to learn karate - though it would be very cool to do so!
Our organization (Shintani Wadoa Kai Karate) was started in Canada by a man, Masaru Shintani, who learned karate in a internment camp back during WWII. He wanted to create a self contained organization that didn’t require ties with Japan for promotion and such. He did travel to Japan himself to train and learn, but none of his students were required to, thus we’ve got a pretty good and mature talent base here to do all of our own teaching and promotions.

Haha, now I’m the one rambling on - I could go on and on about the history of our organization!