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Deputy Sues 911 Caller



This could get interesting.


LOL. If responders get to sue over bad information, there will be lawsuits for almost every call.


He should be fired


Interesting. The shoe is on the other foot.


That's an interesting premise, and while I sympathize with the guy, I don't think he should win this. Since it happened in the line of duty, all his medical expenses/time off work/potential disability should be covered by the department; I think a more appropriate course of action would be for the police to charge her with a crime, negligence or failure to disclose pertinent/critical information or something, not for the officer to sue her.


Agreed. I'd like to hear the 911 call to see how she described the situation. She separated the children from him before calling 911, so she knew he could become violent. If she said he was acting crazy and has been high on bath salts for days, then I don't think this cop has a leg to stand on in court.


Generally any domestic disturbance is treated as a possible violent situation. It's SOP here. But things are always different in Texas.


Interesting to see the shoe on the other foot for a change. I think it should be a 2 way street.

I dont think he should win though, but maybe doing it to make a point..


No sounds like he's doing it because he got his ass kicked and he wants money. Cops get injured all the time in the line of duty and sometimes even worse. Every single time I've seen a cop respond to a situation they treat it as a "possible" hostile situation.

I mean fuck you see videos of cops tackling grandmas because they have a weapon and could be dangerous. Sounds like the cop got caught off guard, is a little embarrassed, and wants some time off/extra money.

Workers comp should pay for his injuries and end it.


Arent' police officers suppose to treat every call like its a possible dangerous situation, My buddies a police officer in Columbus Oh and he said he never lets his guard down!


It sounds like he was ill-prepared for the situation and is blaming the caller. I think the caller should have explained how volatile the situation was, but ultimately he should have been prepared when he arrived.


Yeah, I have always been one to cut officers a great deal of slack on "use of force" issues and what not. I also usually side with the law enforcement in most situations because of the risks of the job, but with that said, you accept that risk when you become an officer and suing a caller is one of the strangest things I have ever heard. His department needs to come out and make a statement that they do not support his actions. That is just ridiculous.