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Deputy Hulk



Just sort of made me chuckle. Good for Lou!


Good for him, Lou is the only guy from that era that still looks awesome! He is still a monster!


I havev a lot of respect for him. He is one of the few that has stayed in shape for this long. He was pretty impressive for that 4 second cameo in The Hulk movie.


What is a reserve deputy exactly?

Do they get paid? Can they shoot people?

Isn't Shaq one too?


He really has done a great job over such a long period of time. The other guy I was thinking about in that regard is Dave Draper. I got his book "Brother Iron, Sister Steel" at the DC Seminar and I've been reading it. I must say, it's a very enjoyable book. His lifelong enthusiasm for lifting and bodybuilding is refreshing. It's a nice change of pace to find someone who speaks of lifting with such joy as opposed to making it seem like a chore.


I met Lou in Columbus Ohio. Real nice guy. The picture I have with him makes me look like a school girl..
He's a monster.


yup, a big green one


Yep - one of my favourites too. Found a pic of him in 2004 - pretty impressive!


I think this is cool. Big Lou has always been my favorite BB and I agree with the previous statements, he really has kept up with his fitness all these years.


Great for Lou!

He has been a hero of mine since I was a young boy. He used to get picked on for his hearing impairment. I bet school reunions were fun for him. Who the hell would pick on that monster after he took up bodybuilding! Those kids had no idea what they unleashed!

He should have went to the first reunion and chained the door shut behind him and watch the others crap themselves.


Most of the time they ride with full time officers and they work for free.

If there is a big event then reserves do parking and crowd control.

Yup, Shaq's another big dummie that has a badge. I heard him on a radio interview talking about doing the cyber policing posing as a young child.
Like that big dope can even turn on a computer. I don't see him out smarting anyone. 'My name is Sally..I'm 9 years old and 7 feet tall..whoops'

This crap is mostly for show but the problem with giving celebrities power is that it goes to their head sometimes.

Anyone remember Officer Elvis?? Pulled people over in his personal car and flipped that honorary DEA badge allot.



Lou Ferrigno, 54, has been sworn in as a reserve deputy sheriff and will volunteer for 20 hours each month.

He will help recruit new deputies and work with the sheriff's youth activities league and the special victims bureau, which helps abused children.

Yes, that's dummie has a mighty big ego. Volunteering to help abused children.


Big Louie was a nice enough guy to let us work in on some pulldowns and rows with him at the old golds back in 79-80.after we were done working out we waited to see what kind of car he drove out of the parking garage across from the gym.we expected some kind of rolls or jag. etc. Somehow he managed to stuff himself into one of those original little Honda cars.It kinda made me respect him even more that he didnt have to be showy with some big fancy over priced ride.


Please entertain us what is your rational for calling Lou a Big Dummie?


I don't care who you are, that's funny.


Yes, that's dummie has a mighty big ego. Volunteering to help abused children.[/quote]

The ego was in reference to what Elvis did with his badge and what any celebrity is capable of in their 'off' time.

read it again..