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Depth Worrying, Input Needed


Okay so I have been obsessively tinkering around with my squat form trying to fix all the things that I dislike about it, IE my butt always comes up first and I’m too foldy-in half like. Also butt winking, etc, etc
It seems like a lot of my issues were because I was squatting too deep than my mobility allowed.
So today I squatted a little higher and it seemed to clean everything up for the most part, but now I’m not so sure any of my reps would pass in a meet??
All opinions appreciated.


I’d say borderline. In the IPF or any of its affiliates I’d guess you’d get reds. In other feds you might get through but it’d be by no means a sure thing. An inch deeper and IMO you’d be fine.


thanks! That’s kinda what I thought.

Gah this is so frustrating … I squat too deep and it looks awful, I squat higher and its too high


Don’t worry about what it looks like. You’re not judged on how good your lifts look. At a guess you’ve got two to three inches of depth you could add before buttwink becomes an issue. Just squeeze your glutes really hard after unracking and keep squeezing as you descend. That let me eliminate maybe 90% of my buttwink without sacrificing depth.


Just slap on heavier weights and youll get depth but very borderline for sure (IPF).


Spock, one thing I would suggest that might help both depth and butt winking would be unracking the bar with a neutral pelvis. At the moment, you are in lumbar extension and have an anterior pelvic tilt, which is naturally shortening the space you have in your hip socket, which will cause you to go into butt wink sooner rather than later.

A nice cue that I like to use with my powerlifting athletes is to tuck their pelvis underneath them and then fully exhale followed by an inhale and 360 degree expansion (a nice feedback tool is using a belt for this and completely filling it up). This generally fixes up depth issues and actually helps with overall stability since you are able to engage the trunk and glutes more effectively.

I’ll leave you this video, which illustrates the point - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVjpGNkHewM (foward to 3:00 min mark).

Hope this helps!


That’s a more professional description of what I suggested, and makes it clearer.


All very helpful! Thanks for the responses guys. I was also reading that butt coming up too fast was a sign of weak quads which could be another issue. I think I’m kind of lazy when it comes to my quad training so I’ll work on that as well


Lunges. Horrible bloody things but bring quads up faster than anything I know.


work on hip mobility


You have great mobility! I’ve seen it in other videos. Those squats are too tight for USAPL. Use whatever shoes you like best. You’re a talented lifter. Believe in yourself!


this is the sweetest ever !! :heart_eyes_cat:


You have a lot of great advice here, but I would keep it simple. Replicate what you do in this video, except point your toes out a bit more and focus on pushing your knees out. That will give you that extra bit of depth you’re needing. IMO.


Ok so this is more my normal depth and I don’t want to get too excited, but that pushing pelvis forward thing really seemed to help my butt wink?!!?!

Let me know what ya’ll think!?


Squats look solid but I’m really just hear to say I love your belt. I bought a Wehlander around Christmas time. They only had black but I love the turquoise. How are you liking it? What size did you get? The small is made of a more supple leather.


YES its the most wonderfully amazing belt I’ve ever used!!

I got the size small because I wanted something that wasn’t so big and bulky for my non-existent torso, Lol!!

It’s perfect! I didn’t even need to break it in. :heart_eyes_cat:


Keep doing what your doing, looks good.


I got the medium first because my husband talked me into it. I don’t know why. Maybe he thinks I’m going to balloon up like someone pulled a rip cord. I exchanged it for a small and it’s plenty big. I’ve had an inzer lever for years and prefer the wahlander because the design lends itself to easier adjusting.

I wish they had turquoise when I was ordering. You got it from Inner Strength?


yeah sure did! I love that place. I order most things from there, and their customer service is awesome.
Everything arrives so quickly too! :slight_smile:


Okay so sorry to bombard my obsessing thread with all of my obsessing, LOL, but I went back to high bar and as you can clearly see I am far less folded in half.
Why I felt the need to change things when everything was fine is beyond me…
How’s this??