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Depth Privilege for Squats

This is satire and comedy gold.

Yeah, great find!
Still not sure if real tho :S

Reminded me of this

That website was beautiful.

“White lights not white knights”

[quote]MattyG35 wrote:
Reminded me of this

Three white lies.

‘‘So we heard a prominent Australian powerlifter had to explain his involvement with depthprivilege.tumblr as he was getting depth threats. I had to remove the post referring to him’’

My squat is my squat, sometimes it is deep and sometimes it isnâ??t. I have chronic knee pains, so my squat will always be sub-depth, but I am trying to hit my version of depth. So I stopped justifying my squatting to others. I started doing exercise I liked, like smith machine squats and 1 inch ROM box squats. I started squatting high out in the outside world whenever I could. I have started to sit on computer chairs set at a height such that my legs donâ??t break parallel. I donâ??t squat deep to tie my shoelaces and I donâ??t feel guilty. I look at myself squat in the mirror and I donâ??t cry when my squat isnâ??t deeper. I applaud myself for entering a powerlifting meet and squatting high. I got red lights for all my squat attempts and although I was terrified I did it. I got white lights in my own mind.

Depth privilege is not having your squat revolve around a stupid judging criteria or acute knee angle.

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I wish I had this kind of time.