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Depth on Good Mornings?


has anyone ever suffered a lower back injury from doing a goodmorning?

just wondering as when i do a goodmorning i go about parrell with my hips and i read an article by louie simmons that said that you should only go to the angle of your deadlift when doing a good morning.. is this only to boost your deadlift or does it follow over to squats as well? i relize a stronger squat will = a stronger deadlift but my lifts are the other way around.. ive got a much stronger deadlift than my squat however i am only a beginner powerlifter but i was just curious as too the form of a goodmorning.

should i continue to go parrell or only go to the angle of the way i set up my deadlift?

thanks advice will be appreciated i understand its a trivial question and has probably been asked a lot - i unfortunatly do not have the time to go through the forums to find it.


I personally don't go down any deeper if I start losing tightness and tension. It's lower for a high bar position and higher for a low bar, but that's just me. GMs can have carry over to squats I think, to target your hams more you can put plates under the front of your foot. To target the hips and glutes more, use a wide stance. What I like about the GM is it's versatility.


I go as deep as I can and still maintain a slight arch in my lower and upper back (Which happens to be about the angle of my back during a deadlift.)

I've found that Goodmornings improve my squat more than my deadlift.


Once you are standing erect with the bar across your back.
1- Slight bend in the knees
2- Push your butt back, maintaining the arch in your low back, chest full, head high
**when you reach the point that you can descend no further without rounding your low back or bending your knees, you are at the end of your range of motion.
3- Draw your hips forward while maintaining your arch, chest full, head high

Everyones ROM is different, few lifters can reach parallel while loaded. I've never heard the advice 'the same position as the start of your deadlift' before, but it sounds valid for most lifters.


This it not unusual at all for a raw lifter.


thanks for the advice. I usually try to go low but i think it may have caused a strain in my back - not 100% though. I guess i can just try both ways and see which one is more effective.
thanks though


I used just under 200LB for reps of 8 on the good morning and it really didn't feel 'right' so I didn't try to go any go heavier, I've seen those West-side videos of the guys using 400LB for reps on the seated good morning and I wonder how the fuck they do it without fucking themselves up.

I would err on the side of caution with good mornings, and would never go heavier then a triple.

I haven't found them to be particularly helpful to my training and would experiment with using exercise variations like various squats including safety bar squats, various dead lifts, reverse hypers and hyper extensions. I find kettle bell swings are great for increasing posterior chain strength.

I think you need to be at a certain level for good mornings to benefit you, either that or have a particular type of body structure, either way they don't benefit me personally and as usual there is more than one way to skin a cat.


you can vary it depending what you are trying to acomplish. if you squatting or deadlifting heavy, then heavy GM's would likely be too much. so light, full range would be ok. If you are really looking to go heavy with them, then just a little past where you would be while squatting or deadlifting will strengthen the ROM you need.