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Depth of Good Mornings?


How deep should you go with good mornings, I've been trying them for the first time recently. When i try them i try to go down so my torso is horizontal, however i find the bars rolls down by back onto my neck which is quite uncomfortable. This is still bad when i put the bar in the lower bar position i.e. power lifting squat.

I be greatful for any advice



It's not necessarily that you're going down too low, it's that you're letting your chest drop. Pull your elbows under the bar and keep your upper back tight.


As long as your dropping low with a straight back never arch it thats when injuries can occur

Check this out this article and video


It has a lot of useful information regarding the GM and dos and donts. It also talks about using resistance bands. I have been using resistance bands for sometime now, although i still workout with weights, bands have greatly improved weak points and sticking points of my lifts. Also remember and this guy talks about it is to keep a stomach full of air, one of the reasons we see powerlifters where belts is to train themselves to push the stomach out... CIO i think beginners and advance lifters could benefit from this EVERYONE NEEDS A STRONG BACK A STRONG POSTERIOR AND CORE ARE SOME THE MOST IMPORTANT STRENGTHS TO HAVE AS AN ATHLETE



I would go lower then the video that was posted. To stop the bar from rolling keep your arch and pull the bar into you. I am 6ft and I have been doing chain suspended good mornings starting at 37 inches.


Instead of thinking of depth, focus on sticking your butt out as far as you can. Try to feel it all in your hamstrings.


This works well for me, i think of them almost as a weighted stretch. dont lower the weight, move the body.