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Depth in Multi-Ply


I'm a raw lifter but i was wondering how depth is judged in multi-ply?
I see so many lifters don't break parallel and don't get red lighted. What is the reference?


Which fed? Find their rulebook and you’ll know what the rule is.


Oh no you didn’t!


I found a direct quote from the Super-Ultra Hardcore Multiply Lifting Federation handbook: “The lifter shall receive 3, if not 4, white lights on a squat, as long as the lifter is able to both un-rack, and re-rack, the bar. 7-10 spotters may assist in this process. If the lifter is able to achieve knee flexion at any point in the lift, the lifter is eligible for 5 white lights. A half squat may receive 6 white lights. If, at any point, the lifter’s hip crease dips below the top of the knee, the lifter will be directed to the in-house guillotine, where he will be decapitated immediately.”

So there you go. Hope this helps!!!