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Depth Check

I will be competing in my first meet in April. I am working at making sure I hit depth. What do you think? It is a bit close :frowning:

Your a bit high, another 1 or 2 inches and you should be good. Depending on your federation, I dont think that would pass.

What fed? A little bit high.

Also, make sure your belt is legal in your fed - some only allow 4" wide, and I’m not sure how wide yours is.

Fed is APF, I will check on the belt. Thanks for the info.

Open your knees up more on the way down and you’ll get it.

An inch or two high in my book!

Also, get some proper shoes so you will be able to push through and be more stable.

You’re high because your knees are drifting forward. Sit back more.

For APF, youre all good on the depth.