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Depth Check for Powerlifting



Hey everyone please advise on depth, thanks in advance.


It’s impossible to tell because the camera angle is too high and too close, plus the rack is blocking the view of your hip. Based on what I see, you are approximately at parallel which would pass in some fed but not in others. You could get more depth by sitting down more rather than pushing your hips back so much.


Looks borderline but definitely need a better angle to say.


you should be asking for a form check rather than depth check… you do some weird things with your squat.


bad angle to tell, looks about parallel to me


Sitting down more rather than sitting back will drive the knees forward making it more difficult to get the crease of the hip below the top of the knee, which is the wording for depth in most fed rule books I have read. You would get lower, yes, but not necessarily get white lights. I hate to disagree with a prominent poster on my first day in the forum, especially after seeing so much good advice in other posts. My 2 cents, always be thinking about pushing the hips back and opening the hips/driving the knees out, and use your foot placement to dial in your depth.
Your close, need another inch or two.

Get those elbows down and engage the Lats, your upper back is loose. Get tight and stay tight.

Hello btw, Yukon Cornelius here.


It’s OK to disagree, but this thread is also 8 months old.

Ed Coan’s cue “open your taint” would apply here. It’s impossible for most people to squat to depth without some forward knee movement.