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To the guy who said somethin about depression. Where to begin to tell you that you are not alone in how you feel. You will hear that over and over again. It will only start to sink in when you let it. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to recognize that you just dont’ feel right,but it takes will and courage to fight it. Trust me, I know. I was 14 when I tried to kill myself and 16 and a half when I tried to do it again, and to this day I know I wasn’t clinically depressed but just could not accept myself for who I was. I don’t know exactly what you are facing in your everyday life, but no one is to tellyou that the sources of your pain are too small, because they are your pain and no one else’s. In fact I did seek counseling, and whether it is counseling or drugs you need, whichever it is, or even just someone to listen, you are going through this for a reason. In the end you will become a better person, but you need to hang on and be brave. We are all routing for you, and I will pray for you too. One of the biggest forms of therapy I remember having was just to smile once a day, even the days that I came home and shut my door and the shades and went to sleep. I got thru it, and so will you. Take care of yourself.

ever hear of the ‘reply’ option? its right under the original post. it says ‘click here to reply.’ that way you can post a reply to that particular post, and not have to start an entire new one. some people…

listen i dont’ spend my whole day on these things, DA MAN. :slight_smile: some of us teach all day.

Now you’re the one being taught.

yea, well jake, i guess we ALL have a lot to learn. school’s in.

Hey, leave bionic alone. Sure, this person has no manners and can’t follow simple elementary instructions, but hey, she’s a teacher! God bless our education system.

Damn guys cut her some slack. She was just trying to help.

I know, knuckles, I was just messin with her. I know her in actual reality as well as cyberville. she knows i am just messin with her…

Cool, Peace

Off the subject Bionic you a hotty with that whole up in a bun wadded mentilty out in the world and cat like freak in private. Just curious cause if you are I am sure your hubbie is one happy dude/woman. Release the beast within. Peace,

um, i think i got all of that. i am not married nor am i really all that and a bag of chips but thanks for the compliment(?). and trust me, the other half could do better(than me)

it’s encouraging to see the ‘off topic’ forumn used as a ‘helpful’ source of information instead of the recent spat of slaggings in the name of humour.