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Depression/TRT/ Ratios Out of Whack?


Hello there, I have been lurking around here for a few months and I want to thank those of you who have spent your time sharing your experience and knowledge with others.

I was treated for depression several years ago with zoloft and dealt with the side effects that made drove me insane trying to finish when having sex. That sounds cool until it happens a handful of time. Got off zoloft... just dealt with the depression for the last 7 years.

Talked to a anti aging doc about some of the new concepts in anti aging. He ordered some labs. Found my T to be low. I believe the number was 280. My E was 140 or so. This is from memory so forgive the estimate. Was Rx'd cyp 100/week. Took first dose as prescribed. Second dose I think ended up SQ in some glut fat. I twist better one way than the other. Either way. (Here is were I let the good feelings get the best of me) After a couple of weeks of not wanting to kill myself... I was excited to feel good again. After 10 years I finally feel right. I ended up taking between 200-400 a week and as I was in the gym my strength was off the damn chart. I am talking about not adding 10 pounds to a lift. I am talking about adding 60 and doing an extra set. My gains have been amazing. My mass has improved very much so.

I had some itching in my nipples and from what I read about Gyno I was concerned about aromotase etc. I asked the doc if arimidex would be a good idea. He said you shouldn't need it. "Let's check your levels again and see" I have my results from my last labs as follows.

TT 1123 (300-1100)
FT 311.6 (35-155)
E 170 (<130)
IGF 1 219 (53-331)
Z Score 1.0 (-2-+2)

I am 38 Base line weight 195 Current weight 207 Height 5'9"

There have been some major things happen on a more personal level that will probably end this doctor wanting to help treat the low T. It has nothing to do with my TRT. While I am finding another doctor, I do not want to grow the sweetest set of tits any of my boys have ever seen.

Questions for you:

  1. Should I order arimidex online or try to get him to Rx it for me. How out of control is the my E level? I can tell it's out of range. Is this unheard of? Is it enough to give you gyno?

  2. With a jump in T levels from just below numbers to over 1100 in 2 months... will he without a doubt smell a rat or think "Damn this guy just responds better than others"

  3. I intend to be on TRT forever. If I am not making it that is the way it has to be. What kind of problems should I expect if I am always on 100 a week but sometimes cycle up to 300-400 a week? I will be like a cycle but I won't ever be off it completely?

  4. I was trying to gain lean mass and was starting to get a bloated abdomen along with the general mass gains. I am not sure if it because I don't train abs hard enough or if the estrogen will make you put on abdominal fat? My arms are very lean/vascular. I just have the physique of a wrestler as opposed to a boxer. The bloated abdomen is not what I am shooting for. I started decreasing my calories and doing more cardio. Limiting carbs until I would start to get more irritated than normal. Can you cut and put on lean mass at the same time? Can you cut while taking cyp? Would it be better to pile on some mass..... cycle off to my regular TRT while doing cardio?

I am trying to feel right..... look better with minimal damage to my body.

I know I may sound like a complete idiot because the answers are so easy for some of you. I was hesitant to even ask the question because it may have been answered a thousand times. Thanks a million for taking the time to read and respond to this. This is my first post and I hope not a mistake.

If any of you have any helpful input I would certainly appreciate it.



It is hard to cut and build. I sure have failed! You are dealing with some of the same questions I have been working through. What I can tell you is that when my E2 was 110 I was very bloated due to fluid and my gains from Test dropped significantly. You certainly need to get on AI to get that E2 down. It really affects many things, such as libido, blood pressure, fluid, negate the effect of the high test, gyno, etc...

I am by no means an expert but if you are injecting 400mg once a week then I am surprised that your Test is as low as it is. I do 160mg/wk and mine is about 1600. Do you only inject once a week? If so, then you probably did your blood test towards the end of that week. E2 will also spike MUCH higher if you inject such a large amount once a week. That was my problem when the doc had me injecting 200mg once a week.

Inject at least twice a week and get that E2 down and you will be amazed at how good you will feel.

As for where to get the arimidex, I decided that I wanted to use the doctor for everything until I find my point of stability so I could have his complete support with blood work and prescriptions. Once I reached that "sweet spot" I would go to other sources for the long term.

Will he smell a rat? Unlikely with test readings only at the high end of normal. If they were 2000+, then maybe.


You were most likely tested for total estrogen, not E2 (Estradiol). E2 is what you want to control. Total estrogen is meaningless.


Hey there, thanks for the replies. I do inject once a week. I knew I was being drawn on Monday so I didn't take the shot until after the blood work was done. This was done 8 days after the previous one. I wanted it to be a "trough" level if you will. I will see what I can do about having the estradiol level checked. I would welcome some more feedback if you have it. Thanks