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Depression on Week 4, Should I Change Protocol?

Started with 150, 50 3/week. Had anxiety so dropped to 30 EOD, now depression has set in. Should I stick with 30/EOD and wait for labs at week 8 and just ride it out. Hate this rollercoaster since starting TRT.

It takes up to eight weeks to get to stable levels. Every time you start over you start over. Try to remain on a protocol long enough to get meaningful bloods and then assess from there.


Get Cialis and take 2.5mg a day to get you through the depression. More blood flow and nitric oxide release should raise your spirits and your cock. Cialis has lifted years of depression in men even if ED was not an issue. Stick with the current protocol and assess it on week 8-12. Then titrate up. The anxiety is driven by cortisol and probably the increase in estrogen. But those things level out once T is steadily running through you. Are you taking an AI? SHBG?

I have to check on the SHGB. No AI. Maybe I just need to ride it out 30 EOD and check labs in 8 weeks.

You’ve known the answer all along. Dont change the program!

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look into sleep apnea

My anxiety is during the day. Had an injection of 30 today and anxiety is almost unbearable.

Sleep apnea causes anxiety, high blood pressure, erectile disfunction, brain fog, depression, etc. Basically every symptom many on this forum complain of. TRT is known to increase apneas.

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I can’t afford a sleep study right now. Tough decision to make whether or not I should continue with TRT or not. I definitely feel worse after 4 weeks than before I started.

It sounds like your dosage might be a little too much for you, but still wait until at least 6 weeks.

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