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Depression Before TRT

Guys I see this topic come up often and many of us have depression with low T. I suspect my depression will get better once my TRT dose stabalizes and time heal.

On the other hand what else can we do to ensure we’re looking at the full pcuture here. What other hormones and markers should I have checked to make sure I am not missing anything.

I spoke to my clinic and he said I can request any test or add items we needed.

I do realize that depression is not all related to chemicals: state of mind can cause depression and I am taking a holistic approach.

I believe my depression stems from my alcohol and drug addiction from years ago. Heavy Abuse. This is also why I probably am on TRT. Ever since I got sober the first time I’ve felt better but never totally recovered…

I am Coming up on 17 or 18 years of on and off sobriety. 90% being sober.

I just don’t want to wait many months and realize that maybe there are other issues besides low T that are contributing to my mood and etc/

And maybe from wife

True that. Environment plays a big role. 100% didn’t think much on that. Good catch brotha

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I’m probably 95% sober myself.

The other 5% I’m pretty shit-faced though.


Haha whatever dude :wink:

Vitamin D’s a big one, practically functions as a hormone.

I’m very very low on d and started supplementing it.

Lol,I couldn’t resist.

I don’t drink a lot but when I do it can get bingy. I got hammered early this month on a pub crawl (that started way the f too early in the day). That was one of the most painful hangovers I have ever had. I am fortunate, or unfortunate, in that alcohol does not affect me like it used to. It has forced me to moderate a lot. I attribute that to some medications I took that affect GABA. Years on alcohol, tranquilizers, SSRI’s etc… I don’t know how anyone can say that those things can’t cause long term negative impacts, let alone the horrible short term things they also cause.

Holistic is of course always the safest way to live.

My personal feeling is psych doctors and drugs cause more harm than good much of the time. Except for some conditions like Schizophrenia and Bipolar 1 where people can harm themselves or others if they are not medicated.

That being the case however, how any man with low T can not be depressed is beyond me.

There ya go … I think many men and woman are prescribed these ssris and benzos like candy. For a little anxiety … or somebody dies they give you meds. Changes chemistry and bam ur fucked.::: Instead I’d living through the experience and trying to meditate or trying to work on your thoughts.

Now I hear there giving kids, dogs and cats anti depressants. They found that if a dog owner is depressed, they found the dog has signs of depression. Environment makes aloot of sense to me