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Depression and Steroids


if you are diagnosed with depression and anxiety should you stir clear of steroids? can steroids worsen the condition?


In all honesty, I cannot even begin to describe to you the amount of people around me I have watched take steriods and/or prohormones that are now on the path to alcoholism, severe pot addiction, or do pills.

It could just be the people around me who are partial to become addicts anyway, but it is definitely noticeable. I can think of ten people off the top of my head that are in the situation I am describing.

Granted none of them know a damn thing about what they're actually doing to their body, proper protocol, or PCT, so it's debatable.

I myself air on the side of caution when I consider gear because I've had times where I'm not the happiest dude. I have no plan to go back to that mentality.

If worst comes to worst you could go on indefinitely, but do what's best for you.


I would not recommend any one who may be mentally unstable to go anywhere near steroids. Although addiction is a personal trait, steroids are drugs of abuse just like any other drug.

Steroids can cause depression in some especially when you come off. So I would steer clear of any steroids, maybe look into peptides.



yeah i heard peptides don't really work much thanks for the suggestion tho.


You heard wrong. The effects are slower, more steady, and longer term. They may not be to the same extent as AAS, but they definitely work without the yo yo effect of going off and on AAS and things like GHRP-6, and various others can be taken indefinitely.


any side effects?


Yes, but the incidence is not high and they are quite manageable. You want to run some kind of GHRP with a GHRH (always Mod GRF 1-29). AFAIK the Mod GRF 1-29 doesn't have any sides to speak of, but no one injects it alone, so who knows.

GHRP-6: cheapest GHRP, causes gastric motility and hunger immediately after injection in some.
GHRP-2: most effective GHRP, as cheap as G6, can cause a whole host of mildly unpleasant sides in some people, including a feeling of hypoglycemia (it's not true hypo, though). Some can't use it pre-bed because it raises cortisol and prolactin to the high end of normal range. Lots of people have no problems.
Ipamorelin: roughly as effective as G2, almost no reported sides. Roughly 30-50% more expensive.
Hexarelin: expensive, not as effective as G2, I'm not really clear on why anyone uses it, but this is the GHRP I know the least about.

Peptides are something you run for the long haul, though. PM me if you have questions, I've been doing a lot of research on them, I'm going to start them with my upcoming PCT.


GHRP-6 and mod GRF, 100mcg of each 3x a day is the way to go with peptides IMO.

I used them both for a short time before, and used G6 alone for awhile. G6 alone at 125mcg twice a day gave me great results actually, but the mod GRF definitely increased the results.

That being said, the only AAS I have noticed affecting my anxiety/depression would be tren and oral tren. It gets worse if I am running a shit ton of test, or if I take a ton of orals/suspension pre-training.

I had very mild depression before starting my self trt/cruise blast protocol. It seems to have went away for the most part and I generally have a more positive outlook. This may not be the case with everyone though.

Anxiety has always been terrible for me. When I went on just test, I would actually say my anxiety improved some, or at the very least didn't get worse. The only compound I have used (and I have used most in my brief time on AAS) that affects my personality in any significant way is tren. When I add in tren my anxiety gets bad. Paranoia has gotten to a point it is semi-dangerous, although I have finally learned to control it and just tell myself its in my head. When I am on tren, and take some oral tren+suspension pre-workout then I am pretty pissy the rest of the day, and my paranoia is worse. Especially if I smoke weed post workout to help my appetite. The paranoid, bad high is almost always the high I experience.. usually 2 large pizzas later I am fine again though.

That being said, I know guys who had worse psychological issues than myself prior to using, and they seemed to improve or have no effect at all. I have never saw anyone without pre-existing issues have any personality changes, except cases I believe to be placebo effects where the guy believes in "roid rage" and all that bullshit. I have a very hard time AAS would cause any real psychological issues unless the person was already very close to going off the deep end to begin with.

To Kakarat... AAS are not addictive in my opinion, and they definitely aren't a gateway drug to all that other shit. Because AAS are black market commodities in most countries, often AAS users gain access to other drugs, however I believe very few partake in them. If they do, its usually not from an addictive standpoint. Many use opiates and weed to further enhance performance, which I strongly believe can be done if you know how, considering I have done it myself.

Then again, I am not a doctor. I am just a nerdy juice head, who has a blatant disregard for my health and pretty much just cares about putting more weight on the bar.


@bigsqwatta I completely agree with you that AAS should be in their own drug category. However, my point refers to the recovery of natural test and how i have seen it causes depression and lack of motivation. I have only seen positive things from people being on and only rage in individuals who are predisposed to anger issues previously. And i believe the OP is also speaking from a recovery standpoint as well.


Bingo. If you're going to go crazy, any kind of crazy, you need the genetic predisposition and an environmental stressor. I'm sure steroids could be an environmental stressor, but considering they're not psychoactive I would have thought it was pretty unlikely.


You seem to be making definitive statements about the relative effectiveness and side effects of these peptides, but haven't used them yourself. What are you basing these facts on? I've used GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 for long periods and my results don't really align with your statements.


Have you tried high-dose Tren with low-dose Test? I also have struggled with depression and anxiety in the past and running my first Tren/Test cycle was very, very difficult mentally. More recently I've tried running Tren:Test at a 3:1 ratio and have found that with the higher Tren:Test ratio, along with a statis taper, I have almost no negative psychological side effects. Almost no negative side effects at all actually.


These are the pretty well established ground rules for peptides from any of the sources I've ever seen. Obviously individual mileage is going to vary, but I see nothing controversial here.


I'm sorry.I should have qualified all of that. I've done a ton of research, both studies and user's logs, but you're right that I haven't used peptides personally - I have the supplies sitting in my freezer, though.

Please correct anything you think is wrong.


My advice dont use them if your the type to get into fights and act like an idiot on other drugs
as you probally have some disposition to it in your DNA, or maybe you will feel better, depends on what aas you mean?
tren gonna make you pissy, test dbol gonna make you feel good.


Apologies, I didn't mean to imply that you're completely off-base here, but I've experienced far more gastric motility from GHRP-2 than GHRP-6 (there are members here that can't use GHRP-2 at all because of this issue), and have found the two compounds to be virtually equal in effectiveness. If anything GHRP-6 has been more effective than GHRP-2 for me. I've also felt the hypoglycemia-like symptoms from both compounds. Seems like other members here have shared my experience as well.

I just think that those issues fall into the general variance of individual physiology, inconsistent dosing among labs, etc. So I don't think your higher level point about GHRP's is wrong, but I don't want anyone to be scared away from GHRP-6 because they believe it will cause higher gastric motility at a lower level of effectiveness. It may or may not depending on the individual.

Eager to hear about your experience.


You're totally fine, Moriarty. There is certainly individual variation, and variation among labs.

I'm going to try all three (G6,G2, Ipa), but stick with ipa before bed. I read a lot of reports of people who have trouble sleeping after pinning G2. Do you go pseudo-hypo every time you pin? It would really cramp my style to be down for 20 minutes after each dose.

Follow my "Unorthodox PCT" thread if you're curious. My meet is tomorrow, and I will probably start peptides Sunday at half strength.


Yeah.I get mood swings, and most AAS are difficult to handle at times, but GH levels me out nicely (though not "peptides," roughly the same thing.)


i was thinking of taking growth hormone but i don't have the money and im afraid to develop the hgh belly lol.


Not every time, but frequently enough that I block out 20-30 minutes after each injection just to be safe. I made the mistake of trying to drive immediately after an injection once and had to pull over. Shakiness/anxiety/cold sweats/racing heartbeat/etc. I say that at 200mcg I get it probably once in every 10-20 injections or so. Pinning 3x/day causes it to happen once or twice a week.