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Depression and Muscle Failure


In the last 2 months my depression got worse. Lifting weights is the love of my life but in the last few sessions I was hitting some grinder reps. Few weeks before the same weight was feeling easy. I'm currently on 5/3/1 Upper/Lower Split 4 Days a week. My question is should I restart my cycle (this time no grinders) again after a deload week or should I push myself ?

Sorry for my english.

Thanks for your answers.


When I hit a depression cycle, which last about 1-2 weeks for me, I only do prescribed reps and the jack shit training, and I add extra walking.

If I push the workouts, the depression gets deeper. That’s my personal experience though.


I would cut it back to 2 or 3 days per week and maybe reduce your training maxes a bit. I like bartmann’s idea of extra walking for overall health and recovery. Don’t use this time to slack off in your training, but there is no need to add to your stress levels by pushing yourself hard 4 days per week.