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Depression After Test Booster


Hello everyone, this is my first post here on the forums (however i am in no way new to forums). I am however relevantly new to bodybuilding, not a complete noob, but none the less, still pretty much a noob in most folks eyes lol.

Ok so here is the scenario. I ran a popular test booster for 6 weeks (DAA is a main ingredient) i really enjoyed the product and saw great benefits from it, however after stopping the 6 week cycle about a week or two later i became sluggish and at times depressed. I have chatted with friends and was told it was more than likely a result of a rise in estrogen (correct me if im wrong, im here to learn) so if that were the case would running something like Erase or similar help combat the cycling off side effects, if so how when would i run it in relation to the test cycle?

I realize that taking something to help cycle off a test booster might seem very weak in a lot of folks eyes as PCT is usually reserved for much more advanced methods, and test boosters them selves are used in these cases sometimes, however its just my situation and if anyone could enlighten me as to how i could run the product again without experiencing the side effects when cycling off, i would be very grateful for your help. i hope to learn and be able to answer questions myself here one day, but for now im just a noob and asking them lol, we all gotta learn right? :slightly_smiling: ... flame suit on, and thanks for the help in advance!


Maybe masturbation would help. How long has it been?


im trying to re-inflate them, not drain them lol


In all seriousness though, I have only taken one test booster before (Alpha Male) and I didn't experience this sort of side effect, are you sure this is the reason?


i wondered this myself and a couple life stressors came to mind that may have had some play in it, however the timing and onset of the negative feelings seemed to fit with my original idea to where im almost certain of it. as i stated in the OP i ran the product for 6 weeks and then cycled off with no other supps involved (cold turkey so to say)


check out this thread



have you actually lost testicle sizee?

im not sure if HCG or tamoxifen would be necessary but some one else more knowledgeable will chime in soon enough.

i was zinc deficient and i notcied a bit of testicle size increase a couple months ago when i started taking 30 mg zinc - picolinate every morn


no loss in size of testies and i already take zinc daily (im a vitamin nut lol) i have read about folks losing size though...


a test booster or a pro hormone?


test booster, not sure if names of products are allowed to be mentioned, made by a big name, made its debut at the arnold expo, company starts with a g and ends with an i


I got shitty results with DAA that I believe stem from aromatase turning all my new test into estrogen.

You're probably experiencing the same thing, though I can't imagine how you stayed on for 6 weeks without getting it, I got it a week in.

Anyway, an aromatase inhibitor [Arimidex] might help (and would most certainly help during your usage of DAA) but odds are (since I don't believe DAA can't throw your natural levels that far out of whack) you'll be back to normal in a week or so.


its been about 3 weeks now and im starting to feel more like myself every day, coming out of the fog so to say... someone i know mentioned stacking the daa product with erase about a week or so near the end of the cycle and continuing to take it as a stand alone for about 2 or 3 weeks after ending the daa product cycle, thus helping combat the rise in E after cycling off, ultimately helping blunt the side effects i experienced. any thoughts on this plan? my worries would be that by using the anti e product near the end and as a stand alone, i could, after stopping the anti e product experience a rebound from that in itself with similar side effects... as you can tell these are all thoughts of a noob im sure so please school me lol


DIM and mucuna pruriens with DAA helps a ton with aromotase sides. 1st time i ran DAA solo and it did shit. this time around, oh man, good shit.


I'm loving DAA and I know what test booster you are taking which is basically just over-priced DAA.


yeah your right, and i now know that but hey a noobs gotta learn lol. i have another cycle of the product because i was indeed impressed with it, so much in fact that half way though the 1st cycle i bought another bottle to have enough with what was left over for another 6 week cycle, however as you can imagine im weary of trying it now. do you think it would be ok/safe to run something like erase alongside of it near the end of the cycle (last week or so, then just by itself for a couple weeks after the cycle is done) in order to combat the side effects? or would i still get side effect when stopping that product as well?


So basically most 'test-boosters' (even high Zinc dosages) turn testosterone into estrogen if aromotase's high, eh?


Depends on a lot of things, but any significant, relatively sudden increase in testosterone past baseline (like DAA) will probably result in increased aromatase activity converting at least a portion of it to estrogen. It's the Debbie-Downer at the party. I under-estimated the quickness and efficiency of my aromatase and it bit me in the ass when I ran it.

It's going to be very dependent on your unique biology on how you respond, but eventually you'd probably have issues.

Increases from things like ZMA are more subtle and are generally just correcting a deficiency (in Zinc and magnesium), allowing you to get to where you should be.

And thank goodness I'm a dude, even a few days with elevated Estrogen sucked ass.




To be honest I've been using it 6 months straight...Before I did 1 month on, one month off and noticed little to nothing...