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Depressing — The Road Down is Much Quicker than the Road Up

Not at all. Being a fake natty doesn’t make you bad at coaching necessarily. You said above that you were selling a lie, not me.

Being a fake natty is advantageous in a lot of areas of life. Interviewing for jobs is a great example. Just being attractive is a huge advantage in life.

Have any of your clients asked you about PED use? What do you say?

That I’m on TRT, I’ve done research into them and the risk of infertility (at their age) is not worth it. Get as big as you can now, settle down, save sperm, or decide not to by 26-28, and then dabble in them as you’ll have a good 10 years if you think it’s worth it by then.

Well, you are being more honest than you are giving yourself credit for.

I’m open about TRT, just not the 500. I emphasize infertility for their age as my sperm count is 1-2 million and normal is 15-200 million. It might be possible, but very improbable (fingers crossed) and it would be very expensive to do the sperm in the egg transplants or to give up bodybuilding to reboot and use hCG to see if sperm count recovers.

These are things 16-23 year old kids don’t think about.

I was adamant on a vasectomy at 19 but my doc said I needed to be married for 5 years, have 1 or 2 kids, and be 24 or 26. I could’ve gotten it done by a non-military doctor an reimbursed had I known how insurance worked in the military. But, I have a beautiful girl now (all I want).

They need to truly think of it. I know it’s only like 10%… but 1 in 10 chance really worth not having a kid? Especially if you find the right woman and she wants one? You gonna let her down?

I have personal convos like that too.

Such an amazing stay and full-body workup.

Today, I had an MRI and got results from my smell test.

I have an underdeveloped ‘smell knob’ (unsure what that is in proper English) and lines around it in my brain are shorter.

There are 5 levels: People typically start at level 1 and as they age can go 2, 3, 4, 5 (no smell/severe) or remain the same or lose just some sense (1 to a 2).

I am a 3. The doctor said it is a possibility to move to a 4, as I was so close, by 40 and maybe 5 by 50. We’re going to check again in a year to see if smell fails further (though a year should stay the same, but if it does decrease, it shows acceleration and could lose it all by 35).

Just good to know that one day I’ll wake up earlier than most and not smell the roses as it’s not treatable or curable.


At least you’ll be the last guy in the room to smell your coworkers farts.


Just glad it’s smell and not vision. I can live without the former.