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I'm not a newbie or a clown, but for the last 2 years i've been running consistently test dbol and anavar. I've been running it well doing all the post shit like it should be done, but due to money shit I'm going to be off for a while. Just looking to be reminded that I'm not going to lose everything I've gained after all the work I've put in. Any thoughts on how much you lose once youre done for a while would be appreciated.

sorry for being a pussy


cruise on test


Yea I feel ya. Prolly gonna hit it soon. Just knowing how fucking awesome everything I've been on is, just droppin down to test or clean is such a kick in the balls. A friend of me asked what it feels like taking gear and I described it as feeling like youre on top of the world, like you walk into a room and know youre just better than everyone else and to go back down blows lol. Got the USPA nats next week so I need to get my mind right and go in positive so I go big.


the what?


the uspa national meet next week


the uspa national meet next week