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Depressed, Need Advice


I've read through most of the depression threads on here and found a lot of the information to be useful, but I guess I'm just looking for some input from anyone who has knowledge or experience with depression or anti-depressant medication.

Here's the situation: I'm 18 years old and a freshmen in college. Over the past year or so I have started to become very depressed and began seeing a therapist on a weekly basis. My therapist believes that I am so depressed because I have Social Anxiety Disorder, which i have as the result of my abusive mother. She strongly recommends that I start to take medication for it, which is where I need some advice.

Many of the side effects of these medications make me pretty worried. I have read that they can actually make depression worse and can increase thoughts of suicide. They can also cause unwanted weight gain and lower testosterone levels. Obviously being just 18 years old, it is a good time to make some great gains in the gym, but im concerned that this medication will affect my gains. I realize that mental health may be more important then adding some weight to the bar, but I'm still unsure whether the reward outweighs the risk when it comes to medication.

I will obviously talk to a professional about it and go from there, but I just wanted to hear some thoughts from anyone who has had experience with depression or had success or failure with anti-depressant medication.


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Let's try to give this kid some genuine help, ok?

What AD were you prescribed? The side effects of each can vary widely and sometimes you have to try different meds to see what's best for you.

What symptoms do you have?


Why is your therapist so quick ti medicate you? That is one option but what has she tried so far? Anxiety disorders "can" be worked through without MAO's or SSRI interference.

What have you done so far?


My best advice is get over yourself and go live life. College is a fucking ball.


Ive never really been into the whole partying scene and dont care much for drinking. Also, since I have some serious social anxiety issues, parties just arent fun for me. Not that it is an excuse, but I guess Im not at a point to where I can deal with it yet. Thats why I was asking for adive about medication.


I'm guessing you don't know anyone that has clinical depression.


Not a psychologist by any means but it sounds like you are talking yourself out of life and looking for a crutch.

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So far, she hasnt prescribed anything, she just said she "highly recommends it." As far as symptoms of depression... I have been suicidal, difficulty focusing, sleeping, feel pretty hopeless as if my life has no point or meaning. My future to me doesnt look so good. And ive been going through peroids where i wont eat much for weeks at a time and lose weight.


Exactly, this is why i wanted some other people's input. I know that medication for this is given out so easily and i know that it is possible to overcome depression without them. I havent had any medication yet and have just being going to see my therapist once every week or so.


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How long have you been feeling like this?

How do you feel when you train? Eat correctly?

How are you doing in college so far?

Also, Rockula has experience with these kinds of issues, so i'd follow his advice.

I've had a couple of girlfriends who have had depression, among other mental issues. One was so bad she's been institutionalized multiple times and it was emotionally draining for everybody involved.


well the psychologist seems to think that I am clinically depressed.. Im trying to fix this, not look for easy ways out


Right now go for a jog, watch a light hearted movie, concsiously focus on positive things and deny negative thoughts a foothold, take ownership of your brain....do it, do it, just do it.


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I'm worried that she is going after the depression with meds...not the anxiety disorder which IMO should be taken care of with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). The two are not the same...depression is the result of the disorder.

How long have you been seeing her? In your post you say youve been depressed for a year but when did the sessions start?


E901, I know where your coming from and based on that last post you need to follow the professionals advice and if that means taking meds then be it so. Trust me I've been there. The side affects varies from person to person and meds to meds. Talk about your concerns about side effects with the doctor and they try to find the best fit for your situation. All the worrying about the side effects isn't going to accomplish much, you'll be in the same place. Here is a side effect, you get better, you end up spending more time at the gym because you feel more motivated and goal oriented. And maybe you do have to put a little more effort in at the gym but in the end you'll be better off than you are now. And from what I remember about college was the hot chicks working out and the ones that come up to you at the gym and saying don't we have a class togeather? So spending more time there isn't a bad thing. Now I'm not pro meds for disorders, but sometimes its a necessity. All these guys in here teasing you about going out and stuff, well if you were better that would actually be an option in your mind. Also, workingout does help with depression, google it. Good luck.


Thanks for the input. Ive probably been feeling like this for a little over a year. Usually feel ok when training... its something i can focus on and try to improve upon which helps. it is something that helps to keep me busy and keep my mind off things. But its been hard to even force myself to go to the gym because its really felt pointless.

As far as eating correctly, I dont think I ever really eat an amazing diet (especially compared to some on this site) but I dont eat shit all day either. When i do get really down I even have a hard time forcing myself to eat in the dining halls because of my social anxiety problems. Then i start to lose my apetite and drop a lot of weight. maybe diet is the first area i can improve in?

im not doing so well in college. As far as grades go, they arent great. I have a really tough time focusing when Im studying or reading and again, it feels pointless to me. Social life has not been good either.. havent really met anyone new that I would consider a friend