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Depressed/Elevated Shoulder + Noticeable Muscle Imbalances

Let me start off by saying I’m aware that this is only a forum discussion and I don’t expect my problem to be fully fixed, I have a lot of respect to the professionals who respond to posts here and I’d like to get an extra opinion before I spend tons of money on private doctors.
So, a few years ago i dislocated my left shoulder (it was pretty weak since I used to sleep with my head on my shoulder/bicep, probably stretched out the area too much…) and every since, every now and then it pops out when I move it to fast from the front to the back (also popped out once during dumbbell pullovers).
Now, I’ve been working out for about 5-6 years now, 210 lbs ~14% bf , usually lift heavy, and about a year ago i started noticing imbalances between my right and left pec (left being bigger) so I added uni work which only made my right delt bigger (don’t think the problem was form since I have people look at me and correct me when I do things that target my problem areas), also, my left shoulder is elevated (or right depressed, what i meant in title) and the bottom part of my right shoulder blade sticks out a bit, I can feel it when i sit or lay down pressing against whatever(also when I’m benching, cant bring the shoulder back or fully tuck the shoulder blade, which made me think - maybe a tight pec minor on the right?) .
Part of the problem is probably slight scoliosis to the right.
So - to summarize :
1)left shoulder elevated / right shoulder depressed
2)left pec bigger than right pec
3)left lat smaller than right (also a big aesthetic problem)
4)left leg weaker than right
5)pain in left lower back when i stay still for more than 10 minutes
6)and some APT

forgot to mention that i didnt get medical attention after dislocating my shoulder, popped it back in myself and kept on going (I was in the military back then, and too young/dumb to care)

thanks to everyone who respond and sorry for the messy post.