Depressed and Irritable the Day After Hard Workouts

Hey CT,
Just wanted some advice, the days after a hard workouts I get depressive like systems & i get irritated over little things. Just wondering if you had any tips to combat that? I did your neurotyping test a while back, tested as Type 2A with 2B as second. My training is 4 days a week mostly HIT style and I’m hitting most movements to failure except compound leg movements. Already take B vitamin complex, rhodiola & 1g of tryosine in the morning and it helps a bit.


Hey man, I’m not Thibs but a few questions: how many movements are you training each day? How much volume and how many sets to failure are you doing? What is your diet and sleep protocol?

If I’m depressed or irritable after a workout it means I’ve overrun my recovery abilities. Sometimes it’s volume, but most often, for me, it’s intensity. I also find that not eating and sleeping according to my goals seriously shortchanges my recovery, even with moderate volume and intensity.

Hey buddy well my split goes like this: Legs/delts+bis/back/chest+tris. Training is similar to Dorian Yates, a few warm up sets then the last one to failure or close to it. I usually do around 5-6 movements a day.

Tbh the only day that trashes me is the leg day, the upper body days I’m usually fine. But you are probably right, its most likely the recovery thing but I’m still hitting PRs and making progress. My diet im in a surplus, around. 40p/40c/20f split for macros (those are percentages). Sleep could be improved, im taking mag taurate, B6 in p5p form, zinc & theanine for sleep and it does help abit. My leg workout goes like this:
Leg curls - 10-12, leg ext 10-12, squat machine 15-20, romanian deadlift - 8-10, bulg split squats 10-12/leg & calf raises 10-12. All to failure except squat & deadlift, always aiming to hit a PR with reps or weight each session, I push this session really hard. I may try dropping the deadlift and seeing how that goes.

Thanks for the added info! When’s the last time you had a deload week? If you’re moving decent weight around you might need one more often than you think. Do you struggle to sleep or do you just not have enough time to sleep enough? Maybe before making the choice to drop the deadlift you should take a week away and see how you feel and how your sleep changes. I just went away from 5/3/1 with PR sets and switched to a 5’s Pro program with submaximal barbell volume work and feel better than ever.

Like garagerocker13 said, the accumulation of months of training, lifestress, work and all the others things that can happen can be hard to handle after a couple months. Your training protocol look fine, i don’t thing it’s too much, your doing 4 days a week too, its not like if you were training 6 times a week.

Maybe you should take a week off and do something else ! go outside, take a walk, streching…some active rest ! you will feel way better when you will come back in the gym the next monday trust me

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Sleep is a bit hard for me as I work 5 nights a week until midnight, usually standing or moving. So I get home I won’t get to bed around 12.30am, usually don’t fall asleep until 30mins to an hour after that & I usually wake up around 8.45-9am without an alarm. I think the big thing I’m getting from this is that sleeps needs to be improved, so I’ll keep working on it. Already doing pre bed meditation, taking the supps mentioned above, limiting blue light. I will look for more ways to improve my sleep hygiene.

I thought about a deload but I’m only 4 weeks in and the 1st week was an easy break in to get a feel of things, so I’ve only done 3 weeks of hard training. The weight moving in the leg session could definately play a role. Like the other day I hit 160kg Romanian deadlift with a pause at bottom for 9 reps, did 4.5 plates a side on the v-squat machine paused at bottom for 16 reps. These were PRs, I also improved on everything else on that day. So I think I may consider more rest days or deloads.

Really appreciate the response guys, thank you.