Deprenyl and L-Dopa

In a book called the ‘Testosterone Syndrome’
by Dr. Eugene Shippen he claims to have brought
T levels up to normal from being low with the
use of deprenyl and l-dopa. Has anyone ever heard of this combo being used to raise T levels and does it work?

Nope, but it would definitely be cool if you had Parkinson’s disease, which is not cool btw.

I cycle l-dopa as a hgh precusor. I didn’t know it raised T but did know dopamine had an effect on your sex drive and so that might make sense. Higher dopamine levels usually correlate to higher sex drive. I’ve been using it as higher dopamine levels have also been correlated to increased hgh releases. I use the mucuna extract from beyond-a-century which is standardized for 15% l-dopa confirmed by HPLC.

Wanted to add - deprenyl, I believe is used in parkinsons patients to delay the breakdown of l-dopa in the brain, therefore keeping existing l-dopa active longer. (it increases the half life of l-dopa). I’ve considered trying deprenyl, but haven’t. I believe some of the life extension web sites sell deprenyl.

no, but i have used l-dopa before…and my strength went up some…and concentration and intensity in gym cranked up…i liked it…but not worth the price. if it was cheaper then yeah it would be…

I’m curious as to what dosage you use. I received some Deprenyl about a week ago, but it’s sat on the shelf doing nothing at the moment. I got it more for the protective and feel good properties, but am not sure anymore about dosage. For Parkinsons it says 5mg twice per day. Other sites (not parkinsons) say 1mg twice per week. That’s a huge difference, hence the reason it is still sat on the shelf.

I’ve tried deprenyl in doses of 1,25 mg twice a week. I liked it a lot. On the day you take it there is the homeopathic dose of methamphetamine wich is nice, on consecutive days breakdown of dopamine and phenethelamine is still somewhat lower due to the irreversible inhibition of mao-a(B?). Ten miligrams at once will inhibit mao 90% wich is more for parkinson and old people etc (a friend of mine tok 15mg at once and had some unpleasent anxiety). Note that i am very sensitive to these things so you might need to take twice as much to have a similar effect. Good luck !

Dr Michael Colgan wrote an article in the Dec 1995 issue of Muscular Development on Deprenyl. I think his high-carb nutritional advice sucks, but he seems to be pretty cluey when it comes to nootropics. In the article he states that Dr Knoll, who was involved in the development of selegiline, ‘advocates using only 1-2 mg per day to inhibit aging of the striatal dopamine system, rising to 5mg per day, three days a week after age 60’.The reference he sites for this comment is:
Schatzberg AF,Cole JO.Manual of Clinical Pharmacology,2nd edition.Washington DC,American Psychiatric Press,1990.
In another piece he wrote in MD a while back, he claimed that selegiline was a ‘secret’ of many athletes who were still competing successfully over 40.