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Depo Testosterone & Anastrozole Prescription

Hello thanks for all the great answers! I have only been taking the testosterone and not the AI. Things are feeling a bit better now. I only had 2 questions:

  1. How long does it take for you to see the benefits of TRT? Months? Weeks? I have only been on it for 2 months.

  2. Where is the best place to inject the testosterone for better results? I have been injecting it on my shoulders. Any other areas that could be better to get the most out of it?


Most report increased energy and libido in two to four weeks. At six weeks, after follow-up labs, most are very happy. It can take up to a year to achieve full benefits, loss of visceral fat, increased muscle mass, etc.

No. As long as it is absorbed, and that is a subq vs IM discussion, it does not matter. Lateral thigh, glute and deltoid are the recommended IM locations

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Maximum results is measured in years.

Onset of effects of testosterone treatment and time span until maximum effects are achieved

I inject in quads and deltoids, absorption is the same regardless of where I inject. SQ absorption is a little different versus IM . If you stick to IM for an example, as long as you are going into muscle, effectiveness is the same at any location.

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Thank you all for responding! Really appreciate all the help! But had another question…

  • is it okay to use the Steel Supplements Andros while on TRT? I have used the Andros from Steel Supplements before and they worked great with no side effects. Its a legal as well since its not as strong as other stuff.

Yes, it’s essentially DHEA. Look on the label, see if they have “proprietary blend” listed there.

Hello my people! Been on TRT 100MG twice a week for the last 5 months. Just went to the doctor to get my first blood work done to see where my levels are at. I didn’t go sooner since the COVID 19 messed up a lot of appointments. But i have a question:

I have been feeling great lately, but the last 2 months I have been getting acne on my shoulders. I rarely get acne there and not this bad. But my question is: Does this have to do with the 200 MG i take every week? And how can I eliminate the acne? Just when i think my shoulder acne is getting better, it actually gets worst.

Lower dose, time, benzyl peroxide washes, etc. I’m dealing with the same. It finally went away then came back when I added HCG

So you take 200mg weekly and hcg?

Me or him? I take 210mg/week and 1500 IU’s HCG (trying to make babies)

Normally you wouldn’t take hcg then?

Probably not. Some people feel better on it, some don’t. I’ll stop taking it at some point just to cut out 3 injections a week and see how I feel.

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Thanks for all the replies! I just cut it down go 150 mg a week now. Hopefully that helps get rid of my acne on my shoulders.

One last question, as mentioned before in the beginning of this post, my doctor prescribed me with anastrozole. But everyone in here would tell me not to take it, so I never took it the last 5 months. Do you all think its a good time now to take Anastrozole? Will that help with my acne cuz my estrogen is too high??

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Anastrozole is bad for you, simply lower your T dosage to lower estrogen and/or inject smaller dosages. Blocking aromatase can have consequences a lot of docs are completely unaware, hair, bone loss and joint problems.

By the way acne is usually DHT related and since DHT is converted from testosterone, lowering your dosage should fix the problem.

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Thank you for all the replies, I am still learning, so i appreciate all this help. Got my blood work results and my DHEA value is up to 1600! :confused: my free testosterone is at 33.40! Everything is so high! I started to go from 200 mg of test a week to 120mg a week. Will that help bring down my DHEA? Or should i try something different? I am still getting acne on my shoulders and chest.

Hello, i just finished an Andro stack from Steel Supplements. Now started the Alpha AF for post cycle, which is a testosterone booster, to help restore hormones back to normal. But i had a question since I am currently on TRT and i got my blood work results with my DHEA being really high and free testosterone is high as well. I began to see some thinning on my hair as well. My question is, should i continue with the Alpha AF post cycle? Since it does have 30mg DHEA in it per serving and well i kinda dont want to keep increasing my DHEA. Should i be okay if i dont use ALPHA AF after the Andro Stack?

Also if my DHEA lowers, will my hair thicken up again?

No, you are taking exogynous testosterone. Those test boosters are largely pointless to begin with, and extra pointless when you are not producing naturally. And you are not producing naturally. 200mg to 120mg is a very dramatic drop. I wouldn’t. 175mg or 150mg would be more reasonable, and stop taking any and all of those “Test Boodter” supplements, you’re wasting your money and possibly causing problems.