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Depo Testosterone & Anastrozole Prescription

Hello, I am new here and to this bodybuilding world. I am 34 years old, 201lbs, 5’ 11”. I have been working out for over 10 years.

I went to go get some blood work and my Testosterone came out to 210. Doctor told me it was too low so he prescribed me with a bottle of Depo Testosterone & a bottle of Anastrozole. He told me to inject 1ml/200mg twice a week and take a Anastrozole pill twice a week as well.
My question is, would this be too much dosage? And what does Anastrozole do? Like i said i am new to all this, so please take it easy on me. Will this make me gain more muscle and feel less tired?

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor, aromatase is the enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen. He’s using it to keep estrogen(E2) from increasing. I would not use it unless estrogen became a problem, and even then, there are other options.

You’ll get all kinds of advice and dosages regarding testosterone, but most in the real world, outside of Internet forums, take 150-200mg injections once weekly.

If you have access to all of your blood work, you should probably post it.


Two injections equaling 200mg or two injections of 200mg each? If the later 400mg a week is a large amount for TRT. 200mg a week is somewhat normal.

As highpull said stay away from the anastrazole unless needed as a very last resort.

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So are you taking 200mg split to twice a week or 200mg x 2, ie 400mg?

Drop the AI. I would be shocked if you don’t feel like complete shit eventually taking 2 a week

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Oh God this protocol is a disaster waiting to happen. You should drop the AI and forget your doctor prescribed it. I can’t give you solid protocol advice without some labs.

The average man needs between 100-160mg weekly split up however many times you need to relieve symptoms. I commonly see men with low SHBG thrive on daily and every other day injections and those who are still symptomatic on once-twice weekly injections.

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starting with 200mg won’t hurt… but if he has prescribed you 400mg weekly… unless you metabolise testosterone/for whatever reason cleave off the ester and excrete the hormone at an accelerated rate… or have PAIS/AR genetic mutation you’re looking at a cycle


Thanks for all the replies! Unfortunately I didn’t get a copy of the results, but i will get a copy when i go back in a week. Yes he is making me take TWO 1ml/200mg in a week. One injection (1ml/200mg) on Tuesdays and another injection(1ml/200mg) on Fridays. Also the Anastrozole at the same time and day i put the injections. I will put pictures of the bottles directions on here. So then i should only inject myself once a week and not follow my doctors orders? So when do i actuallyh use Anastrozole? How am i suppose to feel in order to use Anastrozole?

Thats fucking nuts! Wow! Thats pushing bodybuilding steroid dosing to me. Unless he sees something like unreal was talking about, which I would think he would have told you if he did. Personally I would only take 100mg on those days that your doc had scheduled for injections and see where that takes you. As for the anastrazole, stay away from it until you have no options, which I doubt would happen. You should only be taking that stuff based on labs and symptoms and there pretty much always a way to affect those situations without introduction of a drug. A drug that to a lot of people consider poison.

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Hey I think i made a mistake on explaining the dosage. If you look at the label on the box, you would see that 100mg/ml is circled in red. So i believe that each 1ML of injection is only 100MG then? I said it was 200MG each injection, but i think its 100MG?

Yeah you’re right, I should have looked closer when you posted the pic. That’s the first time I’ve seen 100mg/ml, more common is the 200mg/ml. That is a decent place to start.

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Yeah that’s 200mg a week split into 2 shots. That isn’t a horrible place to start though most docs will want you to start lower.

I’d go with it and just not take the AI for now

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Hmm, back in the PED days, we used 400mg a week. It was stacked with other stuff, but 400mg was fairly typical. Some did 200mg, I usually went to 400, though I did at times go to 600/800 for about a month.

Regardless, it is very rare for someone to take that much on TRT.

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Trust me you don’t want to touch that poison, some are AI over-responders and even a micro dose causing suffering. The way your doctor is directing your protocol is wrong, you need to first adjust your protocol to resolve symptom of high estrogen.

The AI is a last report and it seems your doctor is relying on drugs to compensate for doctor skills. It would seen our society is quick to go the drug route without first trying other methods at resolving issues.

It’s happens many times before, I tell guy not to take the anastrozole, he takes it against my advice and returns a couple of weeks later complaining that his joints are popping and clicking and he feels like death and can’t function mentally or physically because his estrogen is 0 and it could be weeks and sometime months before he recovers.

The anastrozole dosage your doctor prescribed, you’ll be hating life in a short while. The more experienced doctors would start you out on .125 anastrozole, not 1mg twice weekly.

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Am I being stupid here? To me his label say 100mg/ml isnt that 200mg if he does 1ml twice a week?


It reads 100mg twice weekly because the vial is 100mg/10ml. Any doctor prescribing 200mg twice weekly is looking for trouble on the first attempt for a guy looking for a replacement dosage to relieve symptoms of low testosterone.

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Thanks for all the responses, like I said I am
new to all this, so i prefer to ask experience people with knowledge before putting anything in my body.

So should I just lie to my doctor in my next visit and tell him I have been taking the Anastrozole? I am still confused of when to take it, should i take it later when i am done with my testosterone injections? Or just never?

Also by injecting all this testosterone, will i need to cycle this? Like take PCT? I dont want any gyno.

Correct. Never.

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This statement doesn’t make any sense. No, you don’t cycle TRT

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Be straight up with your doctor, tell him you want to adjust dosage and injection frequency first in an attempt to control estrogen. The dosage your doctor prescribed is insane and probably prescribes the same protocol to everyone.

As Highpull mentioned, the anastrozole dosage your doctor prescribed is unusually high and most have serious problems at half of the dosage. If you’re an AI over-responder like me, you won’t be able to touch the stuff without problems.

So without knowing whether or not you’re an Ai over-responder, it’s incredibly irresponsible to prescribed such as high dosage. Without knowing the other biomarkers I listed above, you are shooting in the dark starting any protocol.

TRT isn’t cycled for those who have been diagnosed with low testosterone, but a guy with optimal natural testosterone looking for more muscle gain will cycles every 8 weeks so as to not harm his naturally high testosterone production.

If you didn’t have gyno when younger, then you more than likely have nothing to worry about. I usually see guys get gyno who have had it at an earlier time in their life. Tamoxifen can block estrogen at the breast site if gyno becomes a problem, gyno is rare around these forums.

I just don’t see many cases, I see more worrying about gyno and breast tenderness when your body is adjusting to the hormones and is transient and nothing to worry about. If I push for higher than 450 ng/dL, I always get nipple sensitivity and burning in my nipples 4-5 weeks after increasing the dosage, but like always at 6 weeks the symptoms are gone.

If anything off TRT my nipples are like the tip of an ice cream cone, I start TRT and they pancake within 3-6 weeks.

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Simplify your life. Take the 100mg twice weekly but do not touch the AI. Give it 8 weeks and assess later. If it is too high if a dose you’ll know and then back it off until you feel better. Any amount of AI is stupid. The amount he is prescribing you is borderline criminal.

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