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DEPO-TEST- How do I get off?

I’ve been using depo-testosterone for the past few years with only an ocassional? break of a couple weeks here and there.When I try taking any longer then three or four weeks off I have a real attitude problem. I’m sixty years old and have been working out for the past six to eight years off and on and when I do use it I go with 1cc usually once a week and every once in a while I will do it twice in the same week.I have a Dr. that will help me out with whatever I ask for usually and want to know what to do about getting off this trip without the bad attitude etc.I’ve learned that I have a enlarged Prostate now but so far no lunps or bumps on it as I get my regular exam every six months.Is HCG or what can I get to get off this as I’m sure by now my system has shut down it’s natural production of test.And I need to know where do I get whatever I need.As you can imagine I no longer get the high or drive I used to get when doing my routine from the test but without it I’m really not a pleasent person to be around.Any help on how to do what I’m sure I need to do will be appreciated.Thanks,Joe