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Deployment Care Packages


Who wants to send me and my unit some?

(shameless plug!)


I mean, like, you are in the wild and desert plains of Europe dude....


Just curious, but what kind of stuff is gold, and what gets tossed?


I'm not in Europe. Just have a AE address.


Multiple copies of hard covered books?


We do need some burning material for our Thanksgiving meal.


Burn the 55 gallon drums of shit, that'll flavor the meat for ya!


Hustlers and pocket pussies?


Send him a playboy with all the pics cut out...


There's some blatant patriotism right there! Much appreciated.


What are y'all looking for? How many are y'all?


Don't expect one from this d-bag.



Nothing in particular. Just stuff to read and pass the time.

We have 30 guys in my unit.


I suppose this fine gentleman would prefer the military to stay stateside to do our killing of other human beings?


You can PM me an address. I'll send some stuff out to y'all. Have my daughter help pack it up, it will a good experience for her.


I guess that means no skin mags for the boys then?


You can send them some


Jesus, what kind of girl do you think I am?

Okay, but I am only doing it under duress.


I don't know, your avi confuses me. Standing there shaking your tail with "virgin" underneath.


She likes doing that.