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Deployed Dieting Tips


I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan, literally in the middle of nowhere. I'm trying to construct a diet for slimming down but I'm having problems with the limited options concerning food. All of our food is cooked by the Italian army, which means every meal is almost completely comprised of pasta and bread, with very little options of fruit and vegetables. Here is a quick breakdown of what I CAN eat, and hopefully you guys can help me out.

We have:

Pasta, bread, MRE's (limited supply), frozen pre-packaged fried foods, yogurt (occasionally), CLIF Bars, various protein shakes (Muscle Milk, Optimum, Metabolic Drive), and a daily mystery meat, usually a slice of beef, turkey, or pork with some kind of sauce on it.

That's all we have to eat. Any help would be much appreciated.


If you're very active throughout the day and have to keep energy up in case you need to shoot someone, then the carbs might not be that bad?

Info on your bodyfat %, training, daily activity, and goals might help.

What have you been doing with your food so far? I'd try to eat as much mystery meat and dairy as possible, if protein is still short, hit the protein powders, and then fill in with pasta if I had extra calories left over... I hope you don't have gluten problems. Probably try to avoid the fried food.


You're obviously a small guy and new to lifting/nutrition, I can tell by your question. No offense. Eat clean carbs, drop the fat infested cream sauces, and EAT. Even rice would be a good alternative. Throw down whatever meat you get, protein is KING. Eat or drink anything with protein. If you're just starting to lift, then the protein and clean carbs will give you the energy in the gym you need. Added muscle means increased metabloism and lean muscle mass; which in turn will melt the fat away. Everything will compound, and you'll be a beast (and slim) in no time.

What is your workout routine like?