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Deployed. 3rd Cycle. Beyond 5/3/1 Template



Hey guys

I am currently deployed and have started 5/3/1.
I have been lifting a littler over 2 years and take it pretty seriously.
My template is pretty basic, as I am following the program Jim uses in his beyond book.

The days goes as follows:

Saturday Deadlift:
5/3/1 set with FSL
Lunges 5x10
Good Mornings 5x10

Sunday OHP
5/3/1 set with FSL
Croc Rows 5x10
Incline Bench 5x10 with 10LB lateral raises between sets.
Pull ups 5x10
Usually followed by Tricep pull downs or bicep curls.

Tuesday OFF day
Sometimes do tabata intervals on the assault bike for conditioning*

Wednesday Squats:
5/3/1 set with FSL
Leg extensions 5x10
Leg curls 5x10 or RDL’s

Thursday OHP:
5/3/1 set with FSL
Barbell Rows 5x10
Dumbell Bench 5x10 with Rear delt raises between sets.
Lat pulldowns or pull ups 5x10
Tris or Bis

Some days we take away or add an assistance exercise, but usually its what ive written.
I’m soon to be on my 3rd cycle, and about to replace FSL with pyramid sets.

Just want some feedback, I see a lot of more technical stuff on here, and although ive been lifting for awhile, some of the programming is new to me. Thanks in advance.

Note: Rest days vary with the Assault bike, sometimes I only do one day, others ive done two of my 3 rest days.


Yep looks totally fine