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Depletion Workout


When depleting glycogen storage is it faster to do faster paced cardio or weight training?






I estimated that a persons average glycogen storage make up about 2500-3000 kcal (right/wrong)?

Would it be a reasonable guess to say that I'd be able to deplete my glycogen stores in one day i I did intense exercise and ate very little carbs?


why the hell would you want to fully deplete your glycogen stores? to see teh sick abzzz? because that's the wrong way to do it.


Yes, using different energy pathways would be the most efficient. Now, are you on point nutrition wise?


Myself I'm not really a fan of depletion workouts.. I feel you can get there with dieting alone. Every workout I do, I do with the intent of gaining muscle. This is bodybuilding folks, not dieting contest...

Loading carbs is a gradual process that takes a couple of days if done right... depleting before you load really doesn't accomplish much when you take into account that a proper load takes more than a day.


I'm hoping to adapt my body to carb cycling in an attempt to increase glycogen storage.