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Dependable Online Poker Site


hey guys i wanted to know, for all the guys on this site that play online poker for money. which is the safest and best in your opinion. I went with poker stars until they told me they wanted to take money straight out of my checking account. That guy me a little edgy so then i turned to this site to see what all of you think. Thanks alot


Pokertstars and Fulltilt poker are the ones i would think are the best. Pokerstars being better.


Do a visa and just move a set amount of cash from one account to another. Provide them with your visa card number not your main account. I can do that online. At least if you become a monetary fraud victim you'll limit the damage done.



I've never had them tell me that - Pokerstars are one of the biggest out there.

I'm very much into PKR at the moment, it's a really great online pokersite.


yea i tried to put only 20 bucks on using my mastercard and they told me it would not get through. Then they called me because there is an option to do that. They said 95% of credit cards are declined because we like taking money staight out your checking account. so why dont you just give me all your info and your checking account number and ill help you out. Exact thing he said haha


Hmmmmm, does sound a bit fishy. You can do a transfer using their "Buy chips" system as far as I remember - I'd use that instead. If is doesn't work, try another site.

PKR is all 3d which is a nice change.


Don't poker online. Every site is rigged. A shit-ton of people say that most sites (pokerstars, fulltilt) aren't rigged, but I'm positive they are.

You play alot more hands in an hour online, but even with that taken into account the amount of bad beats I've had with monster hands are insane compared to live play. Can't be all bad luck.


I agree to a certain point, nothing beats a real-life game of poker.

Also, I lately I just play $1 sit-n-go's which means your money lasts ages, I don't take poker that seriously because I'm not that good.


yea i mean im not looking to get rich off of it, More of a fun time


I don't work for PokerStars, but i do work in the industry.

The reason they want to make direct deductions from your checking account is so they can get your deposits into the account successfully.

The majority of U.S. based credit card companies and financial institutions have identified the credit card processors that are associated with the major, online wagering and poker web sites. In turn, they will block or decline these transactions from being processed, as they are required to by law.

The ACH (checking transfers/deductions) accounts are much more widely dispersed and easier for the gaming companies to "hide" the true nature of the transactions from financial institutions.

Having said all that, always protect yourself and don't ever do anything you are not comfortable with.

In addition, if the customer service representative actually explained the situation using that exact language, my bet, no pun intended, is that you just had the bad luck of being connected with a dumbsh*t.


haha gotcha thanks alot man for clearing it up


...Why would they rig it to make you lose?


It's true. Banks block sites like that so that you can't use your debit card there.


The theory isn't that a site is "rigged" to make one specific player "lose."

The theory most people are really talking about is that the cards that come out aren't exactly random. So if two to three players are given hands that connect with the flop, the action will be fast and loose and the pot will therefore be bigger. Since online sites make money by taking a rake of each pot, the more big pots you have the better the site makes out.

That said, it's a theory.

I have seen wicked beats both online and in person.

Poker sites are making enough money without trying to stimulate action.

At the higher levels, they are making shit-tons of cash because the stacks are so big and the bets/pots reflect that. The high level guys like to gamble a bit anyway so the pots are huge. No need to rig.

At the lower stakes, there are so many thousands of tables that they make money all day. And, relative to the larger tables, the amount of money being played for is so small that to try and cheat players in order to grow the average pot by like 5% doesn't really make sense.

I don't buy it.


I played on Bodog all the time in college. I still have an account w/ some $ in it, but use it very irregularly.

I played .10/.25 and .5/.10 cash games and the occasional 5-25$ big tournaments. I think the best I ever did was 4th in a big $5 dollar buy in tourney. I cashed out for about 800$ and spent it all on booze. Good times.

I've had nothing but good experiences calling customer service, usually for forgetting my password after not playing for awhile. One time I called them up really agitated saying somebody was stealing my money after not playing for awhile, until I remembered I came home wasted out of my mind and lost 200$ and swore off playing while intoxicated for awhile. I apologized and the customer service guy told me not too worry about it because it happens all the time.


"if you play long enough, you'll see it all.."

In my experience, it's almost always the railbirds talking about "rigged" poker sites after they've gone broke.


The odds are tilted and aren't correct at all. Trust me, as someone who tends to get their money in with the best hand A LARGE majority of the time, I have had some colossal bad beats. Think about it, the majority of online players are noobs and if the percentages held up most of the time it wouldn't be fun and all the really good pros would just go online and clean up, however if the odds aren't exactly correct then a noobie has a better chance to win and get hooked and wind up spending more money then they would've if they just lost $20 once. I have played on just about every website and all of them are like this, fuck online poker.


I've had some bullshit bad beats online...offline too but no way near as many. Its true you play more hands online but I find a hand I would often win with in RL I lose with online.

People apparently make a living out of online, so it can't be all bad.


Currently use BoDog, WTP.com (tournaments only). I would rather play live but I can only make it once a week.

Sure bad beats happen but the game does involve some luck. I have lost while favored 98% on the turn at poker houses a few times too.

I think you should be worried about who makes it the easiest to withdraw money....but then again.. you have to win.


There are so many bad poker players online who will play literally any hand and I attribute a lot of the increase in bad beats to that. But if you are any good you should be able to counter balance this with an increase in wins by taking advantage of all the bad players.