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Department Of Peace

Candidate Dennis (enter last name here) will, if elected, create a Department Of Peace.

That’s right. He will make peace abundant and he will start with…young males.

That’s right. He will, according to his plan, study young men and will correct their behavior. No joke.

We’re agressive by nature. Always have and always will. The answer is not to neuter us. This guy wants to cut our dicks off and force us to act nice. And I don’t think he’s interested in simply reward us if we act nice - that doesn’t do it for most of our criminals, for one, and he knows it. So what’s going to do - punish us for being agressive? If I say some obscenities am I going to be arrested for enticing violence?

What’s HIS position on the military? Is he going to cut off half our military and replace it with catholic diplomats instead - his own idea of a force to be reckoned with?
If you thought France’s Jacques Chirac was a pussy, you haven’t seen this guy. Somebody put this guy out of his misery. With idiots like this running, I feel much safer voting Bush. I took personal attacks on him to heart at first but now - what would THESE GUYS have done in his place? Probably bowed to Al Qaeda, apologized for our behavior in the past and built a peace memorial to remind us of how WE brought this upon ourselves.

Pffffft. Department of peace.

This guy can kiss my ass. No vote for you! Next!

is he some kind of fucking hippie???

The approach many socialists take is to attempt to remove nature from the natural; then wonder why it never works in the end.