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Deodorant of choice

So, been looking for a new deodorant. What’s your favorite brand?

Old Spice Red Zone

old spice

secret. strong enough for a man, ph balanced for a woman.

Mitchum unscented clear gel.

Dior’s Fahrenheit.

Xtreme Sport - only thing I’ve found to last all day on me.

This is a hilarious thread!

Degree solid stick is the only antiperspirant strong enough for my “manly” smell. I can’t wait to put it to the test in these Texas summers (though my lab mates probably won’t be too impressed:).

Looking for a good aluminum-free deodorant. Anybody know one?
Tom’s of Maine lasts 3 hrs if I’m lucky!

I’ve actually used Secret. It may be “for women,” but it is definitely one of the best antiperspirant/deodarants I have ever used. It really is “strong enough for a man.”

I usually switch up what I use after each bottle is gone. I can’t remember what I’m using now. I think it’s a Gillette product.

I don’t use those messy gels. I get a clear stick so there is no white stuff or goo under my pits.

Whatever the fuck will someone come up with next :)… moisturising cream perhaps

Saying that i like 212 caroline herrera stick

Are we taking a poll ? LOL… A few years ago I took up Old Spice Red Zone “Pure Sport”… Drives my current girlfriend crazy; she loves the smell so much she takes my T-shirts (literally off my back) in the summer and my sweaters in the winter. (She takes them home to sleep in)
Don’t know what it is but I think women like a good deodorant scent better than cologne since by the time she gets that close to you I think you guys would agree you’re already in good company. (BIG smile)

NOW, lady T-Vixens: What’s YOUR FAVOURITE DEO scent on a guy ?

A little known fact about Men’s and Women’s sweat ph:

Women’s sweat is more acidic in ph than men’s sweat, so the motto for Secret is actually incorrect. Its strong enough for women, and is more than enough for men.

i also use pure sport and the ladies love it.

Pefrection over at 1fast400 is expensive…smells like elmer’s glue but atleast works really well…and red zone is alum free i believe.

Mitchum biatch.

pure sport makes every girl frothy

Sonny S

If you’re looking for something aluminum free, check out Arm & Hammer deodorant (I use Active Sport) and OT: Pit Defense (Vertical Blast).

They’ve lasted all day for me, even after a heavy workout in the morning/afternoon.

I’ll second Mitchum, it’s some good shit

I used the Pure Sport for quite awhile as well and can attest to the girl magnet powers. Only problem is the chemicals in it seem to be highly estrogenic. Although I didn’t notice a difference I don’t like sacrificing any little drop of T. Can any of our science heads say yay or nay on a deo?