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Deny Europe Right to Build Our Missiles


EADS (European Aeronautical Defense and Space company) is currently under talks with Boeing and Lockheed Martin to help build National Missile Defense (NMD) systems for our country.

EADS's major shareholder is France, who agressively opposed United States' efforts in Iraq. If you'll recall, France agressively led the opposition against the United States' efforts in Iraq.

Major military budget cuts in european countries has shrunk EADS's market. EADS's strong interest in the United States' National Defense Missile program - the bulk of which has been faithfully developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin - is the response to their new, reduced market in Europe's defense systems.

Why is this a pertinent issue? Because our National defense must rest exclusively in our hands. No country must have the power to veto matters deemed important to our national security by Americans; and no country shall have the right to negatively impact the United States Defense capability by hindering our National Missile System needs.

If France had the ability to negatively impact our missile supply during the Iraq war effort they likely would have done so. If they have the power in the future, I don't doubt they may attempt - or threaten - to do so. If nothing else, Europe will have real power in modulating United States responses to our own national security matters.

I don't expect those suffering from animosity against the US to heed this message - which is mine as a current servicemen, and represents that of countless other patriots and servicemen in the US; I do not expect those who simply do not care to care.
But I ask of those who are patriotic, those who serve, and those who believe it is our necessity - and not merely a convenience - to be in complete control of our weapons systems, from development, to assembly, to supply, to maintenance, to replacement - -I ask you to write your local representatives expressing your concern.

The following link is the address of a search engine for your local congress representative by zip code. I hope you take 2 minutes to access it, find your local representative, and express your concern with the present issue in a few short words.

For each letter received, representatives assume it represents the opinion of 1000 individuals, and your concerns do mean something.



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