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Denver Strippers

We are trying to find some top line strippers for a buddies batchelor party in september. Do you guys have any suggestions? We are going to have a suite downtown at the embassy suites. Looking for the whole package, good looking, dirty, completed bodywork!!! preferably 2-3, money is not an issue. Thanks

We’d be glad to come down to the Big D and put on our special show for ya Purple. :)~~

LOL to pat and ko… as for strippers, if you want top of the line, i would say call diamond cabaret (right off colfax entering downtown.) but i dont know how dirty they would get. for dirty ones, i would say centerfolds in aurora would be your best bet (on hampden) because they have some decent looking chicks. however, i only PRETTY sure that they do personal calls, but not totally positive. actually, there is a girl at my gym who does personal calls (never seen her in show, but had buddies tell me) and if i see her, i will ask. when do you need it by?

I don’t know of any strippers that do private shows but my preference for clubs is Shotgun Willie’s. I think the girls are better looking than the Diamond girls. I’m sure if you went and found several that you were interested in, you could convince them to do a private show. Good luck!

sounds good guys!! I don’t know if I want to see you naked though, KO, no offense!! Well, I guess if Patricia is hot we would see what you guys could do, but no Van Halen music, KO!! The date is sat sept 7. Keep me posted. JC#10, I checked the Diamond out and my buddy lives near Centerfolds, but what is the best way to ask the girls if they do personal parties without scaring them off? Or do they even care about that?

I saw that message which was not posted by either Ko or I. Ko’s at work now. So basically been in a haze, thinking, “huh?”

Besides Ko isn't really too keen on gyrating while wearing only skivvies. As for me? Standing up on stage practically in my underwear while greased up like a pig ain't no party - so, it's hard enough for me to do this stuff for a contest. Sorry, Purple :-(

Patricia, by the way, I checked out your art work. Great stuff!!!

Why, thank you. BTW: I’m going to be updating it soon with new art. Been workin’ 'round the clock lately on new stuff.

i have never been to shotguns or diamond (not 21) but from what i hear, diamond girls are classier. im pretty sure the girls at centerfolds do private shows because we went there and they asked if we wanted one. i have also been asked the same thing at saturdays (off colfax and quebec) but those girls werent as hot as the centerfolds ones. i would say send 2 guys to each place, ask some of the strippers, compare prices etc. and like i said, if i run into the stripper at my gym ill talk to her.

Thanks man!, Keep in touch.

It has been about a year since I have been to shotgun’s, but the girls there were some of the best I had seen in Denver. They even had some girls there that looked like they worked out. A couple had visible 6 packs. Very Sexy. With the amount of drugs these girls do, I can amagine the turn over rate is very high. So things may have changed who knows.