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Denver Gets HIGH on Common Sense




Interesting, but after Ashcroft v. Raich it would seem that state/local drug laws don't matter if the feds want to apply the federal laws.

So lobby your Senators and Representatives if you want anything to change.


You'll have to explain that particular case to me. I'll look it up, but I don't follow law like you do.


Seems like a good idea however it doesn't seem as if it will change anything. Local law enforcement have been saying that they will enforce the federal laws as normal.


BB, I see what you mean. If the federal government can step in at will on this, what is the significance of even stating what is legal?


I think that the federal law is going to apply more to the dealers and the growers. I think basically if you are stopped on the street smoking a joint, the cops are not going to mess with you. I don't think this makes life easier for growers or sellers but the dude who has 2 plants in his basement for personal use I think will feel better and less nervous about what he is doing and getting caught. This is just my .02 though.



This country would be better off if we decriminalized pot (not all drugs).

Tax it, regulate it, whatever. The current system is broken.

The things are the first steps. I wonder if I will be alive to see it happen.


Agreed. Start slapping fines on these goons and going after the growers and sellers.

Or we could legalize the whole mess and tax the piss outta it.


Yea I will never understand it. They would make boatloads of money taxing it, so why not jump on it. Especially when booze and cigarettes are legal, which are far more dangerous.