Denver Area HRT Doctor

Does anyone know of a good Denver area TRT/HRT doctor that uses HCG? I recently moved to Denver and saw an endo at the University of Denver medical center. She claimed she would absolutely not using HCG in any kind of TRT.

HCG 375units EOD
Arimidex .5mg/daily
levothyroxine 35 mcg/day
cabergoline .25 mg/ twice a month

I have come to realize how most endos/drs in general don’t know a damn thing about TRT.

I’m looking for a solid doctor in Denver. I wish I could afford to fly to some of the Doctors described on this forum, but I just don’t have the funds.

I quick about me:
I have been on HCG monotherapy for several years. When I was in my early twenties my pituitary basically stopped producing LH/FSH. To preserve fertility I was placed on HCG monotherapy. I’m a big responder and really have to be careful with E2/arimidex issues.

Looking back I’m not sure if I have ever truly seen a qualified doctor for TRT. I have had the broad spectrum of pituitary MRIs, and other lab tests yet…in all these years my DHT or DHEA have never been tested.

This whole time my chief complaint as been a lack of libido. At this point I would be willing to try a mix of t-gel/injections and hcg if I got a capable doctor. ( I have read all about the internet docs. protocols) My lack of libido is ruining my life. Relationship after relationship down the drain. Not to be upsetting, but if I knew my libido would never get better…I’d probably just eventually kill myself, so well…I really need help getting this fixed :frowning: I’m even on a small dose of caber. to keep my prolactin down. It worked according to the labs, but I dont feel a thing.

Anyways…please let me know if you are aware of a capable Dr. within a days drive of Denver.

A few recent labs are below:

And yes my free t could be better. But I feel like with these labs…I should have no issues getting it up. I’m considering switching to small daily HCG injections to lower estradiol.

Your result
Standard range
Result comments
1.540 uIU/mL

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S
Your result
Standard range
Result comments
1.34 ng/dL

CBC with Differential

Your result
Standard range
Result comments
6.2 K/uL
5.51 M/uL
16.7 g/dL
47.7 %
86.6 fL
30.3 pg
35.0 g/dL
13.4 %
Platelet Count
231 K/uL
Neutrophils %
51.2 %
Lymphocytes %
34.8 %
Monocytes %
11.1 %
Eosinophils %
2.4 %
Basophils %
0.3 %
Neutrophils #
3.17 K/uL
Lymphocytes #
2.16 K/uL
Monocytes #
0.69 K/uL
Eosinophils #
0.15 K/uL
Basophils #
0.02 K/uL

Testosterone,Free and Total
Your result
Standard range
Result comments
Testosterone, Serum
639 ng/dL
Free Testosterone(Direct)
13.5 pg/mL

Your result
Standard range
Result comments
6.6 ng/mL


Your result
Standard range
Result comments
28.3 pg/mL

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Please read these stickies:

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  • advice for new guys

Your E2 is too high. You are taking a lot of anastrozole, 3.5mg/week and E2 is still high. T levels could be better. Your dose of hCG is driving a lot of T–>E2 inside the testes and anastrozole cannot control that. The reason is that your hCG dose is too high, or you are very sensitive to it, or both.

Suggest that you start injecting T, as per the protocol for injections sticky and reduce hCG a lot. You are already injecting, so injecting T would not be a major burden.

TSH is a bit elevated. Check your functional thyroid status by measuring body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky.

Thanks KSman. From this forum you really seem like someone who cares and is on a mission. I read both those stickies. I have tried calling local compound pharamcies but they seem to be clueless.

Would it be possible to inject small amounts of hcg daily to reduce e2 issues? Or would spreading out my injections further have a similar effect? The inter-webs seem to have fans of both for lowering e2 and its confussing.

Somewhat recently my HCG went bad and my hormones crashed. It was interesting, I took double doses for a few days (without taking Arimidex) in an effort to get my hormones back up and for 1 of those days…my libido/erections were stronger than they have been in years. It made me feel like a sweet spot must exist. I think my testosterone shot up and my estradiol took a bit longer to climb so somewhere along the estradiol climb I was perfect.

I’m trying to find a doctor who will prescribe testosterone shots/gels and a small dose of hcg to keep my testicles functioning. I feel like I am too young to risk a long term shut down.

Do you absolutely believe that shots are better than gels? Sub-q injections of hcg have been simple, but i worry about IM injections (scar-tissue, me being a wuse etc) I saw that Dr. C had a video on sub-q testosteorne injections. I’d definitely be more open to that!

I am really confused on the pluses/minuses of testosterone cypionate vs ethanate. Can anyone enlighten me? Some seem to say ethanate is better for less water retention…but not sure if that only matters on cycle levels. Cypionate longer half life? Ethanate is higher concentrated and you can inject less?

Should I ask my Dr. for a regiment like this? Any suggestions?

100 test c per week sub q twice a week
100 hcg eod ( less than stickies but i doubt i need 250 eod!)
1 arimidex as suggested

Also KSman, could you explain this further:

“Your dose of hCG is driving a lot of T–>E2 inside the testes and anastrozole cannot control that.”

I google’d what I could but I don’t understand the implications of intra-testicular E2.

So I got a recent testosterone lab back, but the idiot dr. didn’t check my estrogen even though I was clearly have fluid retention issues. (and I told him to check it!)

Anyways testicles still clearly work. I thought my hcg had gone bad so I was double dosing it. This is what 400 units a day does to me:

I am having a ton of trouble finding a new doctor willing to continue and help tweak my hcg dosage though.

Right now I am doing about 200 or 175 daily or roughly half what produced these labs.

ComponentYour ValueStandard RangeUnits
FREE TESTOSTERONE44.09.0 - 30.0ng/dL
Testing performed by Equilibrium Dialysis.
Reference values not established for
subjects <16 years old.
Age-Adjusted Ranges Reference Range (ng/dL)
0-5 months 75-400
6 months-9 years <7-20
10-11 years <7-130
12-13 years <7-800
14 years <7-1,200
15-16 years 100-1,200
17-18 years 300-1,200

= 19 years 240-950

I do have a good endocrinologist and my urologist follows a pretty cutting edge protocol using testosterone injections, HCG and Arimidex.

rfish, I am actively looking for a doctor who is open to hcg,test, and arimidex protocols. PM me with the name please!

What Dr did you end up going with in Denver? I need a good Dr as well everyone recommend Dr Mills but he as a 3 month waiting list.

Also still looking for suggestions for legit Dr.'s in the Denver area. Any input would be appreciated. Unfortunately Dr. Mills is gone now and in California

Has any one have luck finding a good trt doc or pcp in Denver?

Please create your own case thread and posts labs with ranges, info about you and history.

TUCC Urology Center of Colorado - Is where my dr is at.