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Denver 4th Fittest City


Denver 4th fittest city
I can back that up. I've NEVER seen a city so filled w/ 5'10, blonde chicks in my life. A few thickly muscled ones too that I assume are women. A few OLD ones desperately tryin to evade the mid life crisis and menopause w/ a purple passion.



That's some badass shit right there! So I'm about an hour and a half south of D town...does that count for anything? :slight_smile:


looking at the list,it looks like most of the fattest cities are out east,and the fittest are out west.I'm from Memphis and the typical southern diet is a fried meat with some fried vegetable with some sweet potato pie.If the vegitable isn't fried(frid okra),it's smothered in butter.



I thought you were in to the badunka-dunk trunks?

5'10 svelte lovelies are on your list too?

You, my man, are one diverse son of a gun...

For the record, CO does have the best looking, smartest, and least psycho ladies in the contiguous US. IMHO.

Not saying that just because my GF is from there either.