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Dentist Appointment on Gear


I started my dbol cycle on monday of 30mg per day and I totally forgot about my dentist appointment to get stitches out my mouth on friday. He normally gives me an injection to numb my mouth, is this gonna greatly affect my cycle? And is this gonna be a major health crisis for me?

  1. If you need local anesthesia only to get stitches removed, you may as well walk out of the place with a lollipop

  2. Lidocaine/Novocaine etc will not affect your cycle.

Normally people ask whether the steroids will affect their medical procedure, not the other way around. Are you sure you have your priorities straight?

The above only applies to local anesthetics. You should always tell a doctor everything youre on if going under general anesthesia.




Bonez is correct.

Just to put you at ease: I had gyno surgery whilst I was on 750mg test a week plus AI and HCG, they also gave me a load of valuim like sedatives to help me stay still for so long and a shed load of local anesthetic obviously all around my chest, and I managed to get public transport home from central London, alone. In retrospect they should have no way let me go home like that unsupervised...

I'm not trying to make out I'm tough in any way - or that what I dod was sensible, as it wasn't - just that unless you're VERY unlucky, you have NOTHING to worry about. If anything I'd guess that your dentist will, to cover his ass, tell you to come back when you're off the steroids.