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Dental Recovery / Time Off


Hey all, getting all 4 of my wisdom teethed pulled, just wondering with recovering from my gums being ripped up how long should I taking off from my regular program?

I really dont want to take alot of time off just because Ive been making good progress, Ive lost about 3 inches in the past 2 weeks and I really dont want to fall back too far...Also will just pounding protien shakes for a couple days do me any harm?



Possibly a day off unless you are a pussy or unless you get a dry socket (which is unmistakably painful and caused by the loss of a forming blood clot). Pain meds will see you through most of it and you can expect discomfort for around 4-5 days. Opening your jaw doesn't have much to do with weight lifting so the only thing that could possibly sideline you is pain which should be reduced.


Also, meal replacements for a day or two may not set you back much at all assuming your overall activity is decreased. Your discomfort will be variable based on what exactly is being done.


I just had bone grafting done in my jaw. Three hours in the chair and ten stitches. Only real discomfort was the first day. I had planned a four day layoff around this surgery, but I was fine by the third day. I only missed four days, and was back training hard the next week. Just had to make sure I didn't grit my teeth or strain too much and pop a stitch.

Eating was the big problem. Lived off soup and protein powder for two days then slowly added solid food. Teeth are very sensitive. Still have to be careful with cold drinks.

Just got the stitches out yesterday.