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Dental Question

I know this may seem a little off-the-wall, but I was curious if anyone has noticed an increase increase in the build up of dental calculus on a high protein diet?

I recently switched from a dental cleaning every 6 months to every 4 months. My hygenist commented on how fast I build up tartar on my teeth, to the point where she sent me home with one of her scrapers so I could get the back of my lower teeth in between cleanings.

I floss, use mouthwash and brush 2x per day. Ok, I floss for a month after my cleaning and a week before my cleaning.

Anyway… anyone know if high protein diets cause an increase in tartar (calcium) production in saliva?

Good question, I have also noticed more tartar build up since I consume a higher protein diet.

I do floss everyday along with 2-3 brushings and use Listerine 1-2 times a day. I also tend to chew sugarless gum after meals (if I can’t brush) or when I just want some extra fresh breath for kissability.

I have one of those scrapers and have to use it every few weeks to help get some build up off my teeth.

Is it a side effect of protein??

Could be a ph change in saliva…
This is kind of funny because I was just thinking that my teeth seem CLEANER with a high protein low carb diet…maybe because of less sugar.
One other thing I could think of is that possibly on a high protein diet you will be eating less fiber in food form, i.e. bread and crackers and high cal fruit and so on…won’t be cleaning your teeth that way as much.


I should probably go to the dentist one of these days… I wonder if I still have dental insurance? Maybe… Probably not… guess I can’t go… oh well… at least I thought about it…

Dentists are sadistic bastards. Doesn’t surprise me that he gave you a sharp object to put in your mouth and possibly cut yourself, which might get infected, in which case he would get off by yanking one of your teeth out.

Good question! I absolutely notice that too! I'd been wondering if someone else on a high protein diet had the same problem.

The back of those lower teeth are a pain.

Or could it be from a higher calcium diet (cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, milk)?

So THAT’S why! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a year. Thanks!

My hygenist has told me the same thing. I always wondered if it had anything to do with eating a high protein diet. The high protein diet has to have some effect on tartar build up. Maybe someone else has some better info on this.