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Dental Industry and Orthodontics


Is anyone in T-Nation a dentist or orthodontist? Specific questions I have:

Does what dental school you attended matter when it comes time to apply to orthodontic school? I know you must be ranked really high in your dental school, but does it ultimately matter what school that is?

What are the best methods for an undergrad to start studying for the DAT?

Any other key items/things to do in preparation for applying to dental schools?

Any reccomendations?



Professor X is a DDS/Oral Surgeon. He would be fitting to answer these questions for you. I would suggest sending him a PM or he may stop by himself and contribute.




Holy shit. 3 posts since 2007? Way to lurk. But you must not be very good at it if you missed that the Prof is a dentist.


who is that? never seen him post on here. Probably not into BB so he sticks to the PWI forum and stuff


yes, 3 posts since 2007. I very rarely get on this website to check out the forums, more to just buy the occasional supplement.


So the occasional supplement purchase and dentistry ? Yeah, that seems about right.


haha what do you want me to say? I had a question and asked it. Is this not the correct place for that? Is it so not plausible that I don't spend every waking hour posting on these forums? Anyhow, if someone has any input let me know.


relax dude, let the dental drill come out your anus :wink: